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  1. When you can show me ONE,....just one,..person that says they will do anything with the dll then,.................well, actually it would still be a waste of time. There is no point wasting time releasing something that will never get used. I would rather he spend that time seeing if he can get the AI's units in the game to ignore enemy units if they are not within sight range of any other unit.
  2. In that case Brit, I would not waste your time releasing it.
  3. Brit,...if you are saying you will do what you can,...but cant make any promises,....I will accept that with no problem at all. Mking the AI open source would be good, but I have absolutely no abilites to do anything aside from changing values in text files so it doesnt do me any good unless someone else does the work. But it would definately be better than nothing. I really hope things get better for you.
  4. World Supremacy............thats a game that has all the potential in the world but is pretty 'rough' right now,...... to put it nicely. I cant honestly answer your question becasue the AI still isnt right in that game. I dont think it does,...but mainly thats me hoping, becasue if the AI in that game sees through fog of war,....then its really bad. It still doesnt react well enough to what it can definately see,.....much less what it shouldnt see. Dont get me wrong though,...its a huge improvement in the latest patch,..and he is still working on it. We shall have to wait and see (it seems lik
  5. The AI is actually good except that you might as well not buy certain units as they are worthless as long as the AI knows where they are at al times. Of course it could be said the AI is only good because it cheats.
  6. Really,....you are the one that has actually broken the forums rules. Seems you like to throw around insults, but want to run to the mods when they are thrown back.
  7. Wow,....you sure changed your tune from when you made this post..... Even you know that the AI doing what is currently doing is wrong. In NO other industry can you accept full payment for something and not deliver it withot getting sued, fired and eventually blackballed in that industry. Yet for some reason a few peope here,...the developer included thinks there is nothing wrong with it. Well guys,...next time you pay someone to fix your car and you find out the next day they only did 80% of what they charged you for I want you to repeaet the same excuses you have made he
  8. You mean to say "people dont agree with what I am saying so I dont want them to be able to say it" Typical brown noser attitude. The problem with your points----- 1- Yeah Brit did a lot of work on this game. He also asked us to answer a poll about what we wanted worked on...AI won by a landslide,...but we got african maps and large factories and several things NOBODY asked for. Fix what the people want fixed. 2- Brit said he wanted to fix the problem,...meaning he knows its a problem (why do I have to keep repeating this,...people need to stop with the selctive memory), whi
  9. Actually a better solution would be for you to do the right thing and finish the game in your spare time. As said above we dont really care how long it takes,....we have waited over a year for the game to get where its at now,...we are willing to continue waiting for you to fix the last big problem with the game.
  10. For FREE? I dont think so. How about delivering a FINISHED product that I paid FULL PRICE for? Not an 'almost finished' product. I didnt 'almost' pay full price................
  11. rich, just like a parent with young children, you have to accept the fact that sometimes people are completely unable or unwilling to comprehend a concept. If it doesnt affect them it cant possibly affect or be important to anyone else.............. Brit HAS said the AI seeing everything is a problem and that he would like to fix it,....meaning IT IS A PROBLEM AND EVEN THE DEVELOPER KNOWS IT. Just ignore those who would like to ignore what even Brit says about the game. He's the developer,....why would he know anything about the game he created alone............... At this poin
  12. Let me add that I dont care if it takes a few weeks or a few months. Work on it with some of your spare time,........just dont walk away with the AI able to see everything. A big part of the game is exploring whats under the fog of war,....an even bigger part is NOT seeing whats out of your sight. The AI being able to see and know everything is a HUGE cheat and yes it does ruin some key aspects of the game. I also want to add that I may have seemed a bit harsh in my last post,....but the point I was trying to make is pretty simple.........every job I have had I was expected to finish,....n
  13. Brit,...sadly enough no matter of symapthy for the financials of this game is going to make me get over buying a game that isnt going to be finished. I paid full price,...I want all of what I paid for. Including an AI that doesnt cheat. If I didnt pay FULL price for this game, then maybe I wouldnt feel this way. You can make a list a mile long of games that cheat,.....and I will say the same thing,...I wont buy a single one of them if I know that the AI cheats,......and another game doing it the wrong way doesnt excuse any other game,including this one, doing it the wrong way.
  14. I'll be doing the same rich. I cant in good conscience recommend a game I know is flawed and that the developer refuses to fix.
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