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  1. Keep: 1. Scale 2. Interface Change: 1. More terain flexibility 2. Controll over air support (IE HQs mark targets for them) 3. Ability to simmulate raids on bases by commandos / convoy ambushes 4. AI that can handle embarked troops better and use boats.
  2. You might want to look at www.feldgrau.com. They might have something.
  3. I cant figure out how to take screen shots on my PC. How do you do it?
  4. Congrats. One question though. Will Greece be added to the comercial version with a patch?
  5. The U-boats never went from best to worst. They simply became overwhelmed like the rest of the German military. The type XXI U-boat was one the best subs until nuculer subs came along and they never ceased to be a threat compleatly until the final few months of the war.
  6. Since the Sturmgewer-44 is an assult rifle id have to say the Owen or PpSH-41.
  7. In a battle set on Crete the brits have to matilda and the germans have 1 atr. the atr is useless and to kill the tanks I had to use close assult. Even the the tanks were only imoblilized.
  8. Not that I'm holding out much hope for this but are there any other Puerto Ricans who have CMBO, CMBB, or CMAK? Id like to know if im alone on this island.
  9. With all due respect buy a lager AT gun than a 37. Buy a 88 and you'll get much better results.
  10. there is only one reason to have panzer h instead. That reason is that the skirts provide protection from HEAT rounds fired form bazookas and PIATs. this can be a major addvantege for the Germans in the map in qustion. [ October 10, 2002, 11:06 AM: Message edited by: A Panzer ]
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