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  1. OOPs. Sorry Corp, I deleted my old PBEM files before you asked me to write an AAR so they may be a bit short and sweet with no pretty pictures. Hope you don't mind. I will ask my opponent if he still has any end files so I can work back useing the debris as memory cards.
  2. Hello all. I'd like to thank the Corperal for organising the tournemount for us newbies and thank you to the team at the scenario zone/depot for producing the maps. I can't wait to test my tactical genius :eek: against a real opponent having sharpened my skills at the hands of the AI these past few months. Good luck to all and lets enjoy it. p.s My log in name was meant to be Zulu but someone beat me to it. p.p.s To the guys at Battlefront. Thanks guys for producing this fantastic game. I found out about it in late 2000 and it hasn't left my hard drive since. Can't wait for the se
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