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  1. Check this out http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1164889520
  2. Should there be snow on the Panther gun barrel? One shot would melt it off.
  3. For example. I played The Undying last week......that is, last week. I've been playing CM for over a year. Whatever floats your boat but it's the best value for ANY game I've ever bought, well, except maybe for the original Harpoon.
  4. It's about 3.5 hours from me. I've got duty this Saturday so I'll probably go next week.
  5. Thanks for the info guys but I just found it at: http://www.aaftankmuseum.com/
  6. A while back someone posted a link to a museum in Virginia that had a Tiger tank as well as some other vehicles. I've tried searching the board but the "search" function isn't working properly, it just sits there forever. If anyone has information on this museum's location I'd be greatful.
  7. 37 ------------------ "Stupid people shouldn't breed" - Skatenigs
  8. I only play scenarios with U.S., British and German units so I just pick out which mods I like out of the ones that come with batch files, dump the rest, back-up those and all other mods on a zip disk. I've got several dirctories like Allied vehicles, German vehicles, Terrain, Buildings and Objects, Uniforms, Sounds etc.. When a new mod comes along I unzip it, compare it to what I've already got, if I like it I'll just throw it in the appropriate directory and zip it up with the rest. ------------------ "Stupid people shouldn't breed" - Skatenigs
  9. Another good one to use is one of the Gunny Hartman .wav's from Full Metal Jacket
  10. Just take one of the .wav files out of the .wav file directory and give it the same number as the original ending sound. I use one of the sounds for button clicking. ------------------ "Stupid people shouldn't breed" - Skatenigs
  11. Interesting thread. I'm in the Navy, 20 years. My specialty is Electronic Warfare. There is a society for people involved in Electronic Warfare called "Association of Old Crows" hence the user name.
  12. Magua, you need to get paid. Outstanding work! ------------------ "Stupid people shouldn't breed" - Skatenigs
  13. Count me in. On that Ishihara test I get 1 out of 6. I live in Japan and in Tokyo there's a clinic that utilizes some sort of procedure to temporarily relieve color blindness, can't remember exactly how they do it. What was a real shocker for me was the first time I had my eyes checked by a Japanese optometrist, he said that I have a slight degree of double vision!
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