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  1. I am curious if anyone would like a pbem game of op Z with nukes turned off and soft builds on. The alternate history can be USA either not investing in nuke research or deciding it is inhumane to cause so much civilian casualtys.

    I am willing to play either side.

    I would rate myself between begginer and intermiediate in SC.

    *Warning* some pbem turns could be a bit slow when I work 12+hr days as sometimes I am to tired to think hard after work.

    MrQuiet67 at yahoo dot com

  2. Thanks for that info Kingfish that is exactly what I was wondering. I think it would be tough for any German player to take the town with such an infantry defacite.

    Panthers are indeed great but when my infantry screen becomes tattered I get leary about pushing my armor into a potential killzone. Especially when the enemy knows how limited the routes of advance are.


  3. I am curious what the attacker to defender points ratio is in Panzer in the Peel. I played the Germans and at the end it looked to me like the Americans had a lot more stuff, but that may be due to the cost of the Panthers, not sure what there cost is.

    I know my infantry was pretty beat up by the time I got the 3 small flags, there was no way I was going to make a push on the town. I sure was surprised to see it rain and rain and rain Artillary for the last 2/3 of the battle non stop.

    Still turned out to be my favorite battle for the reasons I posted earlier. It had the feel of a grand tactical situation, for the Germans anyway.


  4. Great Tounament Sly and if you do one for CMBB I am definately interested.

    I would like to point out I had the weak side in every battle, what are the odds of that? That is only an observation and not a complaint.

    Miles had the strong side in 5 of 6 only haveing the weak side in the fog battle, which in my opinion was more of a craps game then a tactical battle. Where is the challenge to the top ranked player when he gets the strong side in every battle? Especialy Norrey where I felt the Germans had a massive force advantage and it appeared there intel told them where the Allied reinforcements would come from. Shermans did finaly show up but it was to late to make a difference as 4 or 5 panthers (some id'd as tigers) waited ready for them.

    But my biggest achievment in my mind from the tourney is that I did not lose a single tank in any of the matches. (besides the 2 shermans I lost in Norey as frustration set in and I was just going to charge all shermans behind the panthers but most of them drove to the bocage and turned broadside to the Panthers. ooops reverse!, reverse!) Keeping armor alive should pay big dividends when CMC finaly releases, I cant wait.

    Favorite Battle was definately the swamp attack, not because I won, but because there was so much flanking, attacking and reinforceing going on with overwatch that it had the feel of a grand battle. My only complaint in that one is that the Allies had so much artillary that my opponent was not even able to use it all up. At least 50% of my casualtys were from arty which I thought would stop at some point but it didnt.

    Just my thoughts


  5. Originally posted by melb_will:

    but I consider myself very lucky. your tactics were far superior especially your urban renewal which took me by surprise.

    I would be interested to hear how other allied troops approached this map



    How would ya like to face the top rated player in the tourney as the Allies in that one? Then add in my intel misunderstanding, thus throwing away very limited assets and the stage is set for combat depression.

    Thank goodness its not real.


  6. Originally posted by melb_will:

    u8led i too made the same mistake but largely though not totally recovered from it. I planned to rush a couple of AT guns and a platoon of infantry down the woods on the right of the map to watch the bridge with the VL location on it. Imagine my horror when at turn 1 I saw German infantry in the woods, my two AT guns on the back of trucks and 5 minutes away from unlimbering.

    I would be interested to see how this map plays in AK with cover arcs. I think that this would give the defender a much bigger advantage as you could more naturally control your AT guns.

    Wow! You must be my long lost twin. I did the same opening move as I thought the key was to delay them at the bridges. Through away a platoon, 2 guns, and 3 trucks. What kind of static defense would not have had that bridge covered or at least observed?

    I am in the same situation as Melb_Will in the marsh map pretty much. Marsh map has been my favorite battle of the tourney mostly because my opponent and I have been flanking, and then flanking the flanking, and outflanking that. Great fun and he has put a hurt on more than one platoon.

    Fog map :-(

    Not fond of night battles to begin with, but watching my so called crack squads act like conscripts with instant panic mode has sucked the fun out. Looking forward to the end of that one also.


    [ November 19, 2005, 05:24 AM: Message edited by: U8led ]

  7. Originaly posted by SlySniper

    The best test is to see who is the most successful playing the Germans when scores come in.

    I can already tell you that will be my opponent Mr. KA Miles.

    I have had zero fun in this one but I will admitt I did miss a very important detail in the briefing and assumed we started on oppisite sides of the river.

    I cant wait until this one is over.


  8. Originally posted by slysniper:

    Modified scores from round one

    Fiaros and Mikado just turned in he first round completed. U8 & Melb can take it out on fiaros for stealing points from them.

    Well ya win some, lose some... or lose all 3 LOL.

    One good thing comes out of it, Fiaros is now ranked higher than me, so a win against him should supply a bonus point :)

    Guess I will have to play him a little harder now.


  9. Originally posted by Bert Hamoen:

    As my infantry were "hiding", they didn't shoot at it. As I was stupid enough to watch only the other side of the map, I never gave the order to attack it. So it survived and just stayed there.

    So much about my "superior" dutch tactics. ;) [/QB]

    I wonder if maybe 'hiding' troops do not count toward flag possesion in the AAR.

    It seems to me there was an issue in CMBO with split squads in the AAR, but I have forgotten the details.


  10. Originally posted by slysniper:

    If you notice, we have a good mix in rankings, did not matter which side players were given, both sides have about the same results. [/QB]

    Actually I did notice Mr. Miles only played the strong side in all 3 scenarios, and I played the weak side in all 3 and we both came out near the top of the pile while other players had a mix of the strong and weak side. I dont know what that means but I thought it was an interesting observation.


  11. I am curious if in "the last road out" did any German players manage to exit any of our exit units (mostly fragile units which did not even show up until the US was in position) against what seemed like millions of mobile machine guns?

    That scenario taught me how fragile German HTs are to 50s. Oh and how survivable the 50cal jeeps are.

    I did enjoy it though, was my first exit scenario where I was the exeter or suppose to be anyway. I sure as hell would do it different next time.

    Thanks again Sly for putting this together, I lost all 3 games but I am tied for second place, I think that is really cool, for lack of a better word.


  12. Originally posted by WARHAMMER:

    Oh U8led, I can't believe you are getting a point when you never came across the stream! My strategy certainly back fired. You smart bastard!

    Hammer :rolleyes:

    It appears that has been corrected to 2 points. :D So either your strategy backfired twice as hard or mine paid off double??? something to that effect.

    I did actually send most of a platoon to the other side accross the ford on the left (double stealth HQ) but eventually decided to pull them when I knew I would never take the 300pt flag. Had I sent a couple tanks to contest the other bridge flag in a last turn flag rush I would have actually gotten a win.

    All in all I felt the Brittis were way under strength in infantry manpower to push for the big flag, so I didnt, I concentrated on keeping my armor alive and hoped to knock out at least one enemy armor, which I did. Mission accomplished (the one in my mind anyway)


  13. Interesting thread. I am not realy into tank sims but I play a lot of WWII-online and that seems to be an excellent ww2 tank simulation although they are currently only at 1940 tanks. But on the bright side you are always fighting other human players.

    If you get the chance give that game a go.

    See ya on the battlefield.


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