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  1. Hello Gamestars,

    I'm a trained educated man, but I know nothing about WW-1.

    Is the game any good?


    I also know nothing about ww1, but I am really enjoying this game more than I expected to.

    Some of the things I prefer about this WW1 vs WW2 game:

    1: NO Paratroops to worry about

    2: Both players can be on the offensive right from the start. Which = fun for both sides imo. WW2 seems to be more fun to be axis at start and allies at finish.

    3: totaly fresh and interesting strategies to explore

    4: Airpower does not rule the war

    5: Mobil Warfare in the East and Trench Warfare in the West

    The only thing I am really not a huge fan of is the lottery style research system.

    Hope that helps.

  2. just to clarify the unit morale is always multiplied by NM, it is just currently limited to a maximum reduction of 10%, i.e. once NM dips below 90% the formula goes to the following:

    unit morale = unit morale * .9

    instead of:

    unit morale = unit morale * NM

    Just want to throw my 2cents in:

    I think the 10% max morale hit is a good idea for the reasons mentioned.

    But I feel that being at 90% NM is too good of a NM to get the MAX morale hit.

    I would like to see it stretched out longer for example:

    NM<90% = unit morale * .98

    NM<80% = unit morale * .96

    NM<70% = unit morale * .94

    NM<60% = unit morale * .92

    NM<50% = unit morale * .90 (max)

    Love the game more than I expected by the way ;)

  3. I went back through some PBEM turns.

    call to arms 1914

    Sep 5 1914 Ent turn.

    In the replay there was a French II Calvery unit where the red circle is NW of Riems 221,56 that I did not put there. This was between the French and German lines and it did not last very long.

    I am pretty sure this happened again with a corps NE of Riems 223,56 but I can not seem to find the replay of that.

    Hope that helps, I will keep my eyes open for any more.

    Really enjoying the game.



  4. Well, a pot of coffee and I have just finished reading the whole WWI Manual.

    It all sounds very interesting and I am excited to dive strait into a PBEM or 2 in this very unfamiliar to me arena/ war.

    A couple questions:

    1) Is National Morale of Enemy Countries known with FOW on?

    2) Is there now a indication without leaving the game of which cities are Industrial Centers?

    3) Have the playtesters noticed if Diplomacy is worth trying? I noticed each chit is only 5% chance of a hit and the hits are normaly only 7-10% meaning you would need 4 or 5 hits to bring a 50% minor up to activation.


    Recon & Bomb

    Only Recon Bombers and Seeplane Carriers can carry out this kind of attack. Click on the target area and you aircraft will fly a mission and attack any enemy units within 1 tile of the target area. They will also bomb enemy units or resources in the target tile.

    Should that be that they recon units within 1 tile and only attack the target tile?? or do they actually attack 9 tiles?

    5) If a Heavy Art has 10 shells avail can it fire 10 times in the same turn? Is it possible to fire a few shells then attack with another unit, then fire with the same art again in the same turn?

    That should do it for now.

    ps. the retreat and National Morale rules sound very interesting

  5. Currently trying my hand at building an Axis AI.

    I have cleared what I think will be the biggest hurdle.

    I have gotten the AI to 'buy' gold from friendly minors, ship it home and send it to the bank.

    Luckily 'gold' is the old engineer and so telling the AI to 'fortify' the bank tricks it into stepping on a 'loop' directly to the vault.

    Thats about as far as I have gotten, tested it with great results. But I have thus noticed the AI doesnt understand the point of the Garrison/Military Police unit at all and keeps moving them out of there starting cities.

    Thats todays project.

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