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  1. Sounds like a regular machine-gun to me.... I thought this was supposed to make a unique sound. The MG42 in CM sounds nothing like it does in the Close Combat series.... So, which interpretation is correct...?
  2. In the last episode I saw (about a week ago), app. a half-hour was spent watching a German patrol chasing after Saunders and his men through the (Ardennes?) forest. None of them ever even had to catch their breath! Even more unrealistic: the program suffered from the all-too-familiar "bad guys can't shoot straight while good guys never miss" syndrome.... Still, it's nice to see "old friends" after so many years....
  3. Apparently vehicles don't block LOS. So infantry walking behind an advancing tank gets no cover, and tanks can shoot "through" other tanks? Isn't this something which REALLY needs to be addressed?
  4. Anyone have a great highlight to share? Mine was sending a bazooka team all the way up the left edge of the map, and around the back edge toward the Panther. When the team got to about 30 meters, it fired (on its own) one flank-shot, got turret penetration and the tank was abandoned!
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