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  1. Hello, my mouse pointer disappearance once I start the game. At the Menu page. On both CMBN, and CMRT. Windows 10, Nvidia card 650ti 8g ram, Running version 4 on both games.   It has always worked. But I have not play these games in a while. The only thing difference is Windows updates, Which are up to date.But other than  that. I have not change anything on the computer.

    Any ideas ??

  2. To the original post,

    Fun, Wow I'm having a blast ...yes it is not perfect but very well improved from Cmx1..

    I get so much more immerse into it. The graphics add so much, the fact that you can break teams, o and the Assault command . Nothing like that in Cmx1 . Its like playing your own movie. As long as BF. keep making this good progress I'm in.

    Good Job.

  3. On Page 3 we see PFC Anglen's 1st Squad, B Team shooting out of a 2nd story window with a rifle grenade (you can actually see the grenade mid-flight in the screenshot). The round hits a PzIV, but doesn't penetrate. That squad also has a bazooka. Had they been outside of the house, behind that hedge, they probably would have gotten a kill. I wonder if the player doesn't know about not being able to fire bazookas/shreks/fausts indoors?

    edit: Looks like the same thing happens on Page 5. Durant shoots at a PzIV from the top floor of a building using his rifle and is silenced by HE. Again, he had a bazooka but couldn't use it indoors. Too bad the player didn't realize that limitation or he could have probably had two easy armor kills.

    He said that he just forgotten the fact that he could not fire from inside.

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