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1939 Fall Weiss big map

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Global conflict: 1939 Fall Weiss big map v1.1


Changes in v1.1

Changed ownership of one tile from Ethiopia to Italian East Africa

Added german unit script for division moved to Romania

Added fleet script for US to patrol Denmark Strait

Small changes in unit scripts

Changed tile between Italy mainland and Sicily to make it passable for ships

Added German unit script for Greek security battalions

Added one German unit script for Op Barbarossa

Added positions in Baltic partisan strength script and Op Barbarossa strength script

Added German strategic bomber to production queue 1941

Added Italian attackbomber to the map

Changed some movement costs

Added some mountain passes

Small terrain changes

Small unit placement changes

Lowered unit costs

Added many cities and ports

Fixed roads

Added rivers

Changed Suez tile to make it passable for ships

Changed tiles so Sea of Azov is rechable for ships from Black Sea

Added country Transjordan and Lebanon

Added partisan scripts for Arab partisans

Added unit script for USSR

Changed weather at a few tiles

Added/changed numerous German Waffen SS unit scripts

Added German decision script and linked partisan script for Transjordan

Added some lakes

Changed flag settings and some triggers on war entry scripts

Incaresed German build limits for AT with 1 unit

Added 17 and 18th Waffen SS Panzergrenadier to build limit and production queue

Added one German tank to production queue

Chnaged different things in reserach, lowering the percentage for 2 chis and made it possible to put in 3 chis at one area

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Been playing now and on August 1941. I have Paris on 3 sides and have captured Oslo but the gov't moved North. I think the French are a little powerful. They also started attacking me below the Maginot Line right from the start. I could be wrong but maybe to many French Units plus british on the mainland. Perhaps, they just had less experience and points? Just a thought

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Yes, France is strong, but they where strong 1939 IRL also. My advice is to always guard and look after the Siegfried line and directly when the game starts prepare Norway invasion by shipping units north along the coast and at the same time attack Trondheim, Olso and Bergen and maybe also Narvik to prevent Allies to occupy it.

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Global conflict: 1939 Fall Weiss big map v1.2


Changes in v1.2

Changed Mobilization_2 script

Added Surrender_2 script for Lebanon to be occupied by Allies

Changed trigger and Mobilization percentage for Baltic countries in some Mobilization_3 scripts

Added partisan scripts for Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Persia, Algeria, Morroco and Tunisia

Changed decision script for Italian MPP reduction from 100 to 150MPP per turn

Small tile changes

Added lake Liman

Added cities Ryazan, Yaroslav, Asyut, Tichvin and Volchov

Moved Gorkij

Added some rail and road

Small text changes

Small terrain changes

Changed some strength scripts

Lowered strength on some USSR troops

Increased USSR build limits for HQ´s to 15, UK and USA to 8

Lowered strength on one UK unit script

Fixed some faults in German atomic bomb decision scripts

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Only one red arrow from USA to England, is not enough, and in our game sea lion was sucessful so now I have to spend six months to send the US troops to africa. I fought and lost a battle with the british navy in the med so I took refuge in the Red Sea, however I can not reneter the Med despite controlling the Suez?

My remaining RN and troops fleeing England have reached the south altlantic transport boxes, and are sitting there??

Also other than transport I can not move trops from Palestine to Egypt , the can not cross via land movement?

This is really a GREAT Scenario you have done , with some minor tweeks it will be fun to replay many time!!!

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