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0.9.41 Release

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Release 0.9.41 is now available via Update. On Windows, use Start/Programs/Battlefront/DropTeam Public Test/Game Updater to get it. On Mac OS X, double click on the Update icon in /Applications. On Linux, use the runUpdate.sh script.

Fixes in 0.9.41:


  • Fix crash on Mac OS X caused by OpenAL (audio) - see note below</font>
  • Don't allow bots to be voted in as commander</font>
  • Fix crash when registering new accounts if TCP connection fails</font>
  • Don't allow recursive Viper grappling</font>
  • Fix server crash when physical objects become unstable</font>
  • Don't allow digging at flag home positions</font>
  • Fix doppler effects when "Extra Sounds" option is on</font>

The OpenAL crash on Mac OS X is one of the two crashes being experienced by OS X users - it is by far the most common one. Apple engineers confirmed that this was a bug in Tiger's OpenAL and this update includes the right fix for the problem, but since this crash is intermittent, it's hard to verify with 100% certainty that it's fixed in all cases. So please continue to send the detail reports to us if you experience a crash!

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