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1917 movie

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Good quality and entertaining movie and well worth seeing.  But, really nothing particularly to do with WW1.  

Basically a couple soldiers sent off to locate a lost unit (communications broken down) in order to stop them from making a suicidal attack.  Could have been set in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or a pure sci fi location.  Broken communications could be cut telephone wire to cyberwar to a solar flare etc.

It often feels like cut scenes from a first person shooter computer game.  Not particularly violent -  a lot less violent than Saving Private Ryan or (the even more violent and gruesome) Hacksaw Ridge.  In fact most of the shocks in 1917 come from horror film techniques rather than the violence of (say) the Private Ryan beginning Normandy sequence.

Elsewhere there was discussion re whether someone with PTSD may be uncomfortable with Dunkirk.  I would say, 1917 is milder and easier to take.

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