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Immersounds CMBN/MG !!!

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Hi folks,
for you guys, (but first for me) ! :D
I was prepared a sound mod, like we can hear in the real situation.
Personally,  I don't want listening engines of tanks or vehicles permanently ON, on the battlefield,
also when the crew are just making a short Reece on foot,
they have to turn the engine of OFF and save fuel :D
and this is what they can doing now  for a short time,
and listen little birds and the wind  blowing in the bocage ;)..
This  is why I imagine these mod: :P
An immersion of sounds for CMBN/MG...!!! :wacko:
the next will be for CMFB/CMRT with feeling of cold and extreme cold...
Thus my Mod will take the name  Immersounds (1,...6).
The first Part will be like my olds Mods, reserved for Vehicles.
(others one will be deleted soon on the CMMODs III)
• you will have the possibility to put engine on/off of vehicles/tank shortly.
• listen radio contacts with high/down echelon.
• listen moving turrets tanks hydraulics and rack and pinion systems, (sorry if bad translation) listen fallings cartridges differents calibers. 
• listen Infantry squads crawing, walking, and running with combat gear and weapons.
I am busy to collect sounds voices for the time,
 I would like to try to added some eastern german voices and russian-german accents, (little broken german language), but also from Bayern and from North of Germany.
(giving a touch of reality in the ww2).
Good to know :
In Normandy some german defender were from russian contingent (Ost Bataillon).
some of them couldn t talk german or having only some knowledges of the german language...
this is also to see in the movie... "Saving Private Ryan"...
I don't have any knowledges in the US accents South America Texas... North America...
but if I have some exemples, I will be able to added it also,...same with all Commenwealth contingent...
need for this your help to send me what do you want to listen, if you are interresting to these mod of course !!
With this all I have a lot to do, and  I am already happy with what I did untill now, but this take more time that I was thinking !
Only one that I am not very happy, is  with the movements sounds of turrets, this give a bad impression on the battlefield cos, is like a bad synchronisation of movements,
but, because BF systeme don't have attributed a sound from turrets movement... I did what I can...  (you have to make your own opinion) !
To say also that BF with the creation of Combat mission is really the master of game and untill now dont have any other opinion.. buyt this stay my opinion...
Available will be soon
Part 1 Allied Vehicles 
Part 2 German Vehicles
Part 3 Small arms step by step, bursts and falling cartridges.
Part 4 Big Guns falling cartridges and moving turrets.
Part 5 Soldiers Movements with combat gear.
Part 6 Voices and Environment.
Hope this will be helpfull...!!!
The old Mods are already deleting from CMMODs III 




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