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  1. No they are maps of seria Made CMSF (im playing CMSF..)
  2. Hi there Guys! I downloaded a couple of Nice maps to make a scenario. I put the maps into the scenario folder? But when i want to import the map in the editor my editor map just remains blank. It only seems to only work with existing scenario’s.
  3. Some simple solid beta YouTube clips basicly equals self marketing... Google cmsf-2. Not a whole lot out There. i mean i understand its a really small dev team. But Some YouTube clips showing Some features or beta AAR sure wouldnt hurt Sales if your ask me..
  4. Is there any cmsf 2 footage out there besides a handfull of screenshots? Even the screenshots are rather scarce for a title thats about to get released to be honoust..
  5. Like the title Said. Will it be featured in cmsf 2? I noticed it didnt in cmsf 1. And as a matter a fact? Sometimes the vehicles (esspecially tanks) kinda remind me more of a Ww2 tank to be honoust. A bit clumsy and not as agile as you would expect from an abrams or Leopard tank..
  6. Love the support Guys. They gave me a link for the base game to so i could play till cmsf 2 is released. All i needed was my key for my bundle to acitvate.. that Made my day..
  7. Well thats interesting. I wish there was Some way to get a hold of the Cmsf base game somewhere. Because in the ticket they told me the activationcode for my bundle Will also work on the basegame.. i would love to play Some before the new demo or cmsf 2 comes out. Now im just stuck with the old demo and i finished all scenario’s on allready today 😬
  8. Yes that could be it. It seems silly that i ordered the base game somewhere else but here.. i send a ticket to support
  9. Im not sure. Its been so long ago that i cant remember if i bought it somewhere else or at battlefront. I checked all my mail from 2011 to find out if i can find out where else i might have bought it. But i could only see purchase mails from battlefront for the module bundle
  10. I did have the basegame. But i just bought it as a digital download somewhere else but battlefront. And decided to buy the bundel from battlefront later.
  11. Hey there! Are there also going to be discounts if you only own the marines , british and NATO bundel? Because i checked my account on battlefront and the base game is nowhere to be found. Just the bundel. I think i might have bought the base game on an internet gamestore in 2011. But for the love of God i cant seem to figure out where.. so a discount for cmsf2 is only for the base game?
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