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  1. IanL and sburke - update: Help ticket with CM closed - their Tech Support confirm that my CMFI Data Folder is absolutely fine and I should have no worries. I can at least rest easier with their confirmation. Also, I've given up the hard to access Z folder and am using the mod folder in the documents directory with good success - so again, I much appreciate your help and advice! I will finish my comments here with this reply as I am I am already veering this thread way off track from the topic of the OP πŸ˜€. Thank you again for your help!
  2. IanL and sburke: The version number that displays in the lower left corner of the splash screen when I start up CMFI is "v1.20." I couple of weeks ago, I purchased the Gustav Line module, but could not get it to work, so I opened a Help-Ticket with CM Support and they had me run some install/patch routines. Once the GL module activated in the game, I closed the help ticket - and I've played through a couple of GL scenarios, one, start to finish without incident, and without anything that appeared to be missing. The scenario I played to the finish included GL additional content (Commonwealth troops and vehicles). However, you both have me concerned - so I will re-open the help ticket with CM and show them a screen shot of my data folder to at least get confirmation that something isn't broken, or continue to get it fixed if it is. Thank you both for pointing this out to me - I will keep posted on what I find out.
  3. Ok IanL - Mod Noob of the week award goes to me! πŸ˜‘Yes, I was saving copies of the Mods in the document directory folder, so as soon as I emptied out this folder - problem solved. I thought the Z folder was where all the action was at and apparently I don't understand the significance of the Mods folder in the document directory. Deleting the files in this directory as you suggested solved the problem. Also, I apologize that I was not clearer - for some reason I could not screen print my actual opening splash screen in the game so I just attached a JPEG of Juju's splash screen that was conflicting. In the game I actually had the gold lettering of CMFI superimposed over Juju's French splash screen - and yes it does show v1.20 in the lower right corner. Now, my data folder does not exactly match what you show above - I do not have the Fortress Italy v100.brz and the Fortress Italy v200.brz files in my data folder, instead I have a Fortress Italy v120.brz and an "Intro" windows media file in my data directory. All other files match. The game has been working fine, including all the Gustav Line content. Should I still be worried? Thank you for your help!
  4. Speaking of Juju's mod, can someone help with splash screen problems I am having with CMFI? I have followed Juju's instructions to the tee but now have a conflicting CMBN French Splash/CMFI opening splash screen that I can't get rid of. I have deleted the Z folder and still the same problem. Sorry if this has been addressed before - I did search the forums with all the keywords i could think of. See attached for the splash screen I am getting for CMFI with the CMFI menu selections superimposed over it. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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