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  1. Hey, I bought this game a couple of days ago and I really like it. The game has the best AI I've ever seen and the complexity vs simplicity is perfect, not too complicated but not too simple. Only thing I dislike is the shape of the "hexes". Are there any benefits of having squares instead of hexagons? Anyway, I'm playing the grand campaign 1938 (not sure of exact name) as axis, and so far it has gone pretty well. Countries I've conquered: Poland,France,Low Countries,Denmark,Yugoslavia,Greece,Egypt,Syria,Iraq,Iran,Sudan - All of which were conquered before the war with Russia. I'm fighting in Ethiopia with the Italians, and I have occupied about half of China with Japan. It is now April 1943 and USSR declared war on Germany in May 1942. So I've been fighting the Soviets for a year now and I was well prepared for the Soviet declaration of war, so I had alot of units stationed on the eastern front. I managed to gain the initiative from the start and began to push east. The problem however is that it is going extremely slow... In all other games I've played(Time of Fury, CeaW etc) I always managed to encircle the soviets, but in this game I find it next to impossible... Having squares instead of hexagons of course doesn't help(probably the reason why it's so hard)... I need 8 units to completely encircle one enemy unit and 8 units is almost an entire "Army Group" ... I'm getting alot of MPP's (about 400-600/turn), sometimes I have more than 100 left at the end of turn.. Here is current situation. It has been like this for maybe 5-6 turns now...(I also captured Baku with my forces in Iran, my goal is to drive towards Stalingrad and link up with my forces in Baku, then take care of Moscow and Leningrad): Surely after 1 year of fighting I should have atleast captured either Leningrad,Moscow or Stalingrad? I'm 100% sure my advance is waaay too slow.. So Basically what I wonder is: 1.What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to increase the speed of my advance? 2.Should I try to encircle enemies and their cities or just grind my way through them? Encircling them doesn't seem to affect their supply very much and in the end they always seem to reestablish a connection somewhere... 3. Can I research something that lets me buy more inf. divisons for example? I really need more and faster units to be able to keep enemies encircled, but problem is I can't buy more units.. 4. Any other advice ? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I just made a scenario really quick and it opened fine ingame, but when I try to open it in the editor again it crashes... I tried to set compatability mode to windows service pack 2 and also open as administrator.. Anyone knows what the problem is ? (I installed the expansions in separate directories, not inside the maingame folder, not sure if that's how it should be done) I tried to create a new scenario and switch it back from counters mode to sprites and then open the scenario again, but then I got this, and after that message a cmd window appeared togheter with 2-3 error messages and then it shut down...