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    Thank you for telling me it's McBride and note Mc Bride. It's kind to see people taking care of my demand. I wille ask the administrator to erase my mail (but it's not so important it's a generic adress created for the purpose of this issue)
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    Thank you force your help: 1) These are US troops I assume : YES 2) Unclear if you intend to say that the Germans “withdrew.” or they “intended to withdraw.” : Germans “withdrew.” 3) Don’t understand what you mean : at 16; 7 German tanks and a company of their infantry attacked and separated the 2 Advanced companies of the bulf of the battalion
  3. Translation.docx Please, I need some help. I'M French and I'm currently working on a scenario (CM Final Blitzkrieg) dealing with the Liberation of Farébersviller. Is someone could be kind enough to turn into good English the attached text and to give it back to me ? My mail : fhpm@orange.fr Thx Rouge2
  4. Hi, I already have CMBN/Commonwealth v1.11 on my laptop. Is it possible to install now Maket Garden ? Is anybody able to answer to my question ? thankes