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  1. rss334

    Quick battle maps

    OK got excited a little too early I think , I thought there were an addition 200+ map but then realized the QB maps are all based on the 20-30 from in game it seems. Nice site though and good content, I do see the other maps options where there were 25 listed.
  2. rss334

    Work on a Reshade

    Hi everyone recently bought red thunder and installed reshade, I'd love to record some video possibly make a movie of ww2 and at time it looks that good. Seems though that myrillis action or badicam won't record the shaders, the videos are missing all the lovely details. Same with screens, what are you guys using to record video or screens that include the injectors from reshade?
  3. rss334

    Quick battle maps

    Thanks IanL that site seemed to have about the same that were on the battlefront main page repository downloads section. Vergeltungwaffe thanks for the link now that's what I'm talking about , keep me busy for years to come ! Appreciate the comments/feedback.
  4. Hello everyone, is it the case there are really only 17 maps for download for Red Thunder or am just looking in the wrong place under the repository? Seems when I checked months ago there were more, maybe I'm mistaken. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I guess I was looking more for some insight in to the thinking of the commanders back at WW2 times. Again knowing the situations and people varied, what the was the overall picture from the US and German side regarding losses in a single battle. Was it we have to take that hill at all cost if it cost us 90% of our men or was it live to fight another day, I know the Russians would shoot their own soldiers for not fighting to the death, maybe the Germans did too. Guess I'm trying to get some concept on how they thought so that I can tailor my own expectations while playing the game.
  6. Someone who knows much more about ww2 than me hopefully can answer this, but what did USA and Germans consider acceptable losses during some of these battles in ww2. Can't help but feel I'm losing too many men each mission and at least to me it above acceptable but I wondered how that translated in to the thinking during ww2 at Sergeant or equivalents German ranks in general as I understand every situation and commander would be different. Any insight appreciated.
  7. true good point sburke, either way it's going to wake me up in the middle of the night wondering what if i did this instead...... restarted Road to Montebourg tonight, maybe by the time I finish will be able to come back to c&f and present more of a challenge. I noticed on youtube no one did a video or aar of scenerio 2
  8. Just reading this post and I decided to go back through the game and give it some serious effort this time around instead of just poking around and doing skirmishes. Started with Courage and Fortitude and completely destroyed to the core on campaign 2. Can't get across the bridge no matter what I try early game (no issues with bugs ... just an issue with the player I assume) . Glad to see it was mentioned as one of the harder ones cause I was getting discouraged. I did play through and very much enjoyed task force ruff, so going to try the suggested campaigns above first.
  9. Thanks for the additional replies everyone, maybe you guys should lobby Battlefront to put everything back under one general forum for the 3.x series and bring everyone back together, although I suspect that would be hard to swallow for some. Yes I can tell you as someone fairly new to this series when you go to the forums and you don't see a lot going on it put a tick in the negative columns when deciding to buy a game.
  10. John I'm a lurker I read the forums from time to time but don't post much, I have seen the people kind of group together around certain products in my time. I guess it has it's upside and downsides. You are right compared to your story I should be thankful I can play when time permits, it does sound frustrating to have the time but not the ability to do everything you would want when the mood strikes, sorry to hear that.
  11. Thanks again John, I do think FI is on the list next followed by RT unless something new comes out in the interim. So much to choose from the only thing holding me back is time ! Come on retirement..... This thread was very useful for those not familiar with all the titles. Thanks to everyone.
  12. sorry posted in the wrong forum but this post was very helpful a while back
  13. Hey guys, do all the games use the same graphics engine or are the graphics better in FB than they were in BN? From what I can see Red Thunder looks like an improvement over BN but maybe just my eyes. Found this thread very informative but wondering if anything in the graphics front changes from game to game. Thanks
  14. rss334

    cmfb or cmrt

    I ended up buying FI and enjoyed it, time for the next one. Yes, I was wondering what the sweetest pastry in the shop was currently