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  1. Hi! After a while, I reinstalled the SC2 WW1 and the Breakthrough-Addon. Had it running on this computer some time ago. But now, the main game works fine, but WW1 Breakthrough 1.05 does not start with the message: "could not find bitmaps\selection_sprites.bmp" What can I do? thanks!
  2. Thanks, HvS! Tested it, of course you are correct My mistake: I thought, it would be enough to have the HQ adjacent to a city. Thanks, the war can go on!
  3. Hi everyone! Play SoE for the first time, and it's a PbEM. Barbarossa started 3 turns ago - and suddenly my troops are out of supply. I'm even far from Kiev and have lots of HQs around, still supply is about level 3 or 4. I have to admit, that I never really understood the supply rules in SC2 How do I have to act, that my troops are well supplied in Russia? Never had the problem on any other front or in the WW1-scenarios? Thanks a lot!
  4. Sad to hear it's over, but congratulations to your victory It was a more than entertaining match, thank you very much for your AAR! I didn't think that the USSR could strike back so soon so hard. Very well done!
  5. Well, I think the french throw-away-troops are a minor problem. Much more important is, that die Allies are used like they were one nation. In RL the Western Allies AND the SU fought against Germany, but they would never have sacrificed themselves for the other one. What I mean is, that in all the strategy games, all Allies are played by one player. That's a much bigger problem then France, I think. The war is decided in the east, so every player will invade Denmark, Spainorwhateveryouwant with his suicide-Britons or send the Royal Navy to sure death, just to buy the Russians time. That's a nonsense imho. So, if you want a more plausibel gameplay, you would need to choose, if you play Western Allies or the Soviet Union, not all together. Otherwise this talk about France is useless, as the Brits can be thrown away too, as soon as Barbarossa starts.
  6. Thanks for your explanations Will be interesting to see, if the Russian Bear can strike back in '42 Thanks for the excellent AAR!
  7. Such fools, how can they believe, that profane industry may win against a historical mission? May I ask, if any fighters are stationed in France to fight the British bombing campaign?
  8. Hi! May I ask you some questions, General? I'd be interested, how you manage the Soviets. MPPs are only few, how many troops do you buy? And which techs do you regard most important? As for the british "bombing campaign" - do you really attack german targets? In my experience, british losses are very high and reparing the bomber(s) cost much more MPP than the germans loose. Am I wrong?
  9. Dear Furchtlosundtrew, lol, your're right. I always looked for the transport-icon, instead you can really use "operate". Blind me, as usual. Still I wonder, how the AI manages to get 3-star-units on a regular base. I'm convinced of a secret combat-bonus, but maybe I looked too many conspiracy-movies Thanks!
  10. Once more I have two questions and I'm hoping for your help This time it's the Storm over Europe scenario. How can I get some aircraft from Britain to Egypt? There is no transport-option? Am I doing something wrong: The Axis-AI very seldom loses steps. Even when attacking across rivers or at towns, they very often loose nothing. Me on the other hand nearly always loose steps, even if the attack-preview says 0:x losses. His strategic bombers stay unharmed quite often, where mine lose often more then 3 steps in one attack, when intercepted (even when I'm playing the axis ). In the effect the AI has monster-veterans, while I never get even one star full, even if attacking only when the preview says 0 losses on my side. Am I missing something? And: Has the AI some combat-bonus? Thanks and greetings, Cfant
  11. I'm still new with the game, having played both sides against AI now. From my (very limited) experience, the CP have much more freedom in what they do. Russia and Britain have so many things to do with very few MPP. While I could buy extra units AND develop upgrades without any problem as CP, I had problems to keep my existing troops reinforced with the Entente until middle of 1916. Look at the Royal Navy - for whatever reason, the navy is understrength and it takes quite some time and MPP to get ready to fight, while the Hochseeflotte is in better shape. Regarding the US entry - in RL the US entered the war, but I guess they seldom do in the game. Imho things that happened in RL should be LIKELY in the game. But even if you invest a lot of MPP into the US as Entente, the US will enter the war rather late (if ever). Yepp, they give you NM, but having bought more units with the MPP instead of buying diplo-chits, maybe your NM wouldn't be so low as Entente So in my opinion the CP face a more comfortable situation than in Real Life Still it's what I thought while playing against the AI, I don't know how the situation is in a PbEM. It's just my two cents
  12. I can't believe it. It this dimension or time-line, the german "Dolchstoßlegende" came true (don't know the english term, I mean the myth, that german troops would have won WW1, but were betrayed by the politicans ). Victourious in West and Middle East, you have to bow to the Entente. What a finish! Many thanks for such a thrilling AAR! Well, maybe someone can take revenge in... let's say... 20 years?
  13. Hi! Great AAR I'm reading both and like your struggle for victory! It's a tight race in the end... Would it be an option to let the Austrians attack the French on the West Front, so it costs NM to the French, while the NM-costs is divided between the CP-powers? Or would that be gamey?
  14. Ah, I see I played a campaign with the Entente now and - although investing quite a lot in diplomacy - I only got the US to 30% at the end of 1916. The event didn't trigger, for Russia stayed in the war until Germany surrendered. By the way, a feedback to the campaign: I was really puzzled by the AI (on expert-difficulty). Two times I really had the feeling as playing a human opponent: First when Germany nearly took Warsaw and therefore I started a massive offensive in the west, achieving a breakthrough. Next turn Germany liftet the siege of Warsaw and managed to stop the west-offensive - very well played from the AI! Didn't expect that. The second time was the outbreak of the german fleet. The AI managed to come in formation to Britain, smaller vessels in front, battleships behind, attacked clever and even managed to retreat in order, or at least tried to. I played a lot of strategy games in my life, but I've never seen an AI to manage somthing as complex as this battle on the waves... Really great work! Less good the AI is in the offense - the CP didn't take Belgrad or Warsaw or enter France more than one or two hexfields in the whole war. On the other hand, this was only expert, I'll try the hardest difficulty level next time. Speaking of difficulty: I'd be interested in the difference. The manual says, difficulty affects some chances, plunder and a 20% income-bonus. I don't think that this is the whole story May we know the whole bunch if AI-boni? And a second thing: The Royal Navy starts understrength. Why ist this? I know, that the german ships were partly more modern, but this has nothing to do with the strength, I guess. Thanks anyway for a great game with an impressing AI!
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