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  1. a quick question: you have a unit in a halftack and you want to issue an order: first you want the unit to dismount, afterward you want the halftrack to move; is it possible ? i issued a "pause" 30 seconds for the halftrack, then a "move" for the unit (dimount was not available), then i issued movement orders for the haltrack. the problem is the unit didn't dismount until the halftrack reached the last waypoint .... how to manage that ?
  2. ok, so maybe they are applied or not to man uniforms/vehicles depending on what you said .... but we can say for sure that the maximum "risk" to use them is that they are not applied, right ? in other words we do not have risks to have carsh or something like that right ? and what's your thinking about the sound/dust/explosion mods like "AKD Sound Mod" ?
  3. as for mortars i have a question (new at the game) if you have direct fire (i mean your mortar team can see/has a LOS on the target) will you have the spotting rounds before the barrage (like in indirect fire) or you begin the barrage without them ... IIRC days ago i read about a bug where you have spotting round just for the first time your team do direct fire and, even it it moves or changes target, not any more well, how it works now ? is the bug still there ?
  4. I read that together with GL there will be a patch (new MG etc). I would like to know if the Aris Mods will work with the new patch+GL or not. Same question for AKD Sound mod
  5. I still believe that Africa (torch, montgomery, rommel, italians), with the new engine, could be wonderful ... the old cm1-africa suffered from old graphics
  6. good question ... if anybody has an answer it would be appreciated
  7. Well, everything is right about obsolescence and very very poor command (that has always been the real problem in Italy... you can see still today if you know italian politics). But please, be informed when you talk about Italian army in Russia ... try to imagine a small thousands Italian troops there in the winter, with "summer" clothes and shoes, without tank or halftracks ... do you really think other armies could stand Russian winter with summer equipment ? i do not know any famous army stood russian winter (from Napoleon to German Army with winter equipment) so put italian army there in the right context. And again, there is no nationalist sentiment in Italy, we never had it, nor revisionism because everything connected with fascism is a bad souvenir and nobody is interested in that era in Italy
  8. in a quick battle (i had to defend) i "purchased" two full infantry companies and i had the battalion HQ attached with them. i decided to have a "crack platoon" and the others at "veteran". my "money" wasn't enough so i cut one platoon, but I still had a slight cut to do. I decided to maintain the platoons at the "veteran" level, with their HQ at "veteran" too, then I decided to maintain the company HQ at the "veteran" and i dcided to "cut" the battalion HQ to "conscript" because i had to save money one way or another. i decided that way because i think it's more important, IN CM and on the Defense, to have good skill at the platoon/company (the fighting units) then at the HQ battalion level. whats do you think it's more important in CM ? and if you attack (in CM) ?
  9. i need to better understand the "mortars" in CMFI. a) in the pbem-reply i can see my mortars "light" when the shell flies in the sky (i mean from i can follow it form the start to the target); i need to understand if my opponent can see that "mortar shell light" too .. in other words, if he cannot "see/spot" my mortar team on the map, can he "see" my mortat shell flying in the sky ? that's important because if i can see it, he can imagine where my mortar team is positioned and fire back at them (with his mortars) it seems that moving around the map you can "hear" the typical "sound" of the enemy mortar shell starting, even if you are not spotting any enemy unit, is that correct ? and well ... new at this fantastic game ...
  10. how to get hull down ? how to understand you are hull-down ?
  11. thanks for your answer so we can say that for indirect fire, definitely foxholes are a better cover than the "low walls" we have in italian maps (with hide command) but talking about fighting under direct fire by MG etc (no hide command), do foxholes provide better cover than the low walls on the maps ?
  12. my question is: does it make sense to have Quick Battles with the cpu as opponent ? in a scenario or campaign the cpu/ai has a "scripted" behaviour ... but in quick battles, what will it do ?
  13. i need to know if foxholes in CMFI hace the same effects as in real battles; i mean, do you have cover if in a foxhole and theres a mortar barrage ? and you need a "hide" command in the foxhole or you just need to stay in a foxhole without "hide" command ?
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