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  1. The formatting worked well. I liked the picture in picture. The narrow perspective is different. There were so many small fire fights in this battle that were not covered at all. You could have done several squad level comics from this one battle. I think the idea worked and you should be OK with doing it again.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

    My brain was exploding when my own BMP chased away my T90 and it didn't take the perfect shot at Ian's tank. I mean, look at that picture... its a perfect set up and the enemy was totally unprepared!!! Argh!

    I got to live another day. If memory serves that is my last tank. It is the top HQ on the battlefield and the tank commander was renamed to be my name. Just to make the game a little more personal.

  3. On 3/26/2020 at 11:58 PM, Bubba883XL said:

    THANKS A MILLION! this fixed the menu weirdness i was experiencing , however, i now have blury ground textures? anybody experience this also? i did try and grab picture but the windows 10 screen shot didn't work...oddly..

    The amount of sharp ground is governed by your texture settings (in the game's options) however the game will also automatically downgrade the draw distance if the simulation is struggling so maxing that out is not always the best choice. Windows 10 does not support normal screen capture for games. It seems you have and nvidia card so you have GeForce Experience which has built in support for capturing the screen and videos. I would start there.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

    However, once you were hidden behind the smoke (and neither of us could fire) I always adjusted the positioning of my tanks (and brought up more) so that when the smoke cleared, usually there were 3-4 heavy guns pointing at one of your tanks. That's what I meant by using it to my advantage. At it worked every time in this battle. It only failed when I got a bit overconfident and moved a vehicle when the smoke was thinning, but we will get to that later...

    Yes, well done.


    9 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

    So I started using smoke - my own T90 and BMP discharged smoke - offensively; creating cover to move into advantageous positions. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I guess my tendency to conserve ammo and by extension this life-saving but limited capacity to make smoke made me never consider it before. Probably rather dumb on my part...

    Actually those first smoke screens you saw were me doing just that. Putting up smoke so I could move to the tree line with the BMPs and infantry so when the smoke cleared I could cause some havoc.


    9 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

    This was one of those rare moments when you didn't surprise me.

    Well that explains a lot. That move was a total disaster for me. I had a lot more luck with my <redacted> doing shoot and scoot operations in the <redacted>.


    9 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

    For example, the tank-fired airburst rounds were utterly lethal in causing casualties. Not all at once, but those 3 tanks managed to kill/wound off a few men each and every time they fired, so over time it attrits my force considerably. Thankfully I didn't send more men there with 1st platoon!

    Yes, they are extremely nasty. Your men were on the receiving end of those a fair amount.


    9 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

    I should add that at this point, (and I mentioned this to Ian in an email about this battle) that I felt really good. He lost 3 tanks and 2 BMPs and some infantry. As the defender he had less points so I should be even more outnumbering his forces than at the start. I underestimated his force armour composition badly. More on that later...

    At least there were some surprises for you :D

  5. On 3/31/2020 at 5:00 PM, Bud Backer said:

    Bakhtiyarov drove it like he stole it. Pedal down all the way. It's a pretty zippy, tough little truck, and despite taking fire and being hit multiple times it remained undamaged and the occupants uninjured through the whole rescue operation. 

    Drove it like he stole it. Nice. Yeah I really wanted to cause more havoc but bloody hell 4 T90s and 8 BMPs - good thing didn't try. I only knew about half of that but even that was more then enough for me to want to get out of there too. Not many men made it back to my lines. I didn't have a Bakhityarov on my payroll.

  6. On 3/29/2020 at 1:40 PM, Bud Backer said:

    Watching the turret turn it certainly made me scream in anticipation of the squad's total annihilation. It's one of those moments in the game that feels insanely believable. 

    I do not know what happened inside that tank. I never asked @IanL but maybe if he swings by this thread he'll comment. 

    I don't remember for sure but I think the first hit took out the main gun so all you were ever going to get was MG fire. Not that that is any fun but probably not total annihilation.

    On 3/29/2020 at 1:40 PM, Bud Backer said:

    The smoke screens turned out to be an incredible blessing most times in my favour in this battle. There was a lot of heavy metal poking about that area and since it was my enemy whose tanks discharged the smoke it was funny that it kept working for me rather than him. Since I knew where he was I just had to position my T90s and... well you'll see what happens. 

    Interesting. I had a lot of problems with visibility that is for sure. My tanks were nearly always the last to spot - which equals dead. I was pretty happy with the smoke really. I used it to reposition my tanks so they were not in the same location when you last saw them. I had no problem with the smoke my guys threw around. So, I guess we were both happy.

    You prevailed so I guess it did work better for you in the end 🙂

    This first action that @Bud Backer is writing about was my bold move to drive over the hill and into his setup area with the intention of disrupting his plans and causing havoc. It did not really work for me though. As you can see from those frames my tanks ended up ahead of my infantry - which I didn't think was a big deal but clearly I was wrong. My losses in that skirmish far out weighed any kills they got. My only hope is that it spooked @Bud Backer about my intentions. I doubt it did much of that though :)

    I'm reading this now and will throw my two cents in here and there. Follow the quoted text back to the original post so you can see where in the comic these comments pertain if you need more context.

  7. 11 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

    Correct!  Anything above the individual Soldier level is baked into scenarios and won't change unless someone rebuilds it.  For example, if we decreased the number of SMGs for a type of Rifle Squad that (should) show up even in older scenarios.  But new Platoons with new Squad types won't because they are new structures and that's the sort of thing that's basked into a scenario file.

    That was the difference I was not sure how it applied to what you are actually doing here. By saying that @BletchleyGeek is "Correct!" I take it the change you are making is to create new types of platoons for the original formations but keep the past platoon definitions around as opposed to redefining the way the existing platoons are armed. This means that old scenarios will remain largely unchanged and if people want to see differences they would need to edit their old scenarios and delete and repurchase formations.

    Obviously new scenarios get the new TO&E.

  8. On 3/8/2020 at 11:45 PM, sburke said:

    And many of us buy a copy anyway... especially if we feel pretty lame about the amount of time we've been able to put in testing etc.... looking n the mirror here...

    Waves back from the mirror trying to carefully use the correct hand :)


    On 3/8/2020 at 11:59 PM, MikeyD said:

    The only thing more thrilling than getting your hands on the finished title is getting your hands on the first Alpha build. :D



    On 3/9/2020 at 11:42 PM, Battlefront.com said:

    One very good example of this is the overloading of units with SMGs beyond their original authorized strength.  Based on information we had on hand at the time, and logic of how things worked in other forces, we simply bumped up the number of SMGs in units where appropriate.  Well, turns out that there was an official order from STAVKA to convert one platoon in each company so that it had no normal rifles or carbines, only SMGs and sometimes LMGs and Sniper rifles (where already present).  The remaining platoons remained at roughly authorized levels of SMGs.  Very different than what we had before!

    What does this mean for CMRT players?  Whenever we release a Module we release a patch for everybody.  If you don't purchase the Fire & Rubble Module you'll still get all these TO&E updates less any newly introduced equipment (in particular Lend Lease stuff).  If you do purchase the F&R Module you'll get all that plus later versions plus all the new equipment, winter environment, terrain, and whatever else comes along for the ride.

    So, how much will these changes effect exiting old scenarios without editor changes? You have explained the process a few times and I was about to write up my understanding of how it will work but stopped because I was not confident I was getting it right. (If a true test of understanding is can you explain it to someone else - alas I do not grok this yet).

    Will existing CMRT scenarios see Soviet rifle platoons' arrangement of small arms change when running in the new release?

  9. 1 hour ago, MikeyD said:

    If they're going to go that far they might as well go full-on Cold War, push the date forward a few years and introduce M47s and T54s into the mix. What was an early US 'battle taxi'? The M75, I think. first entering service in 1952

    Ack now you are making it hard. The whole point of making the WW2 just kept going scenario is that BFC would have *all* the necessary models and formations because they would have to complete end of WW2 TO&E for the Soviets and the Allies already to go. If we just create a strategic back story for fighting to continue for six more months all that would be required would be the creation of the game and the amalgamation of resources from the CMRT and CMFB plus the creation of scenarios.

    Once you start adding new cool units and reorganization of armies then it becomes a whole big thing :D

  10. Now I'm even more confused. Are you saying that with an older version of java the campaign files were correctly extracted? This is not something I would expect. I would expect a newer version of Java to work correctly but if it were to fail I would expect it to fail without doing anything.

    I found the latest update for Java 8 is numbered 241 (https://java.com/en/download/faq/release_changes.xml). Is that what you mean? The latest version of java is 13.0.2 (https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html) hence my confusion.

    I will send you a PM asking a bit more.

  11. I'm not Mike but I use his tool frequently. What kind of error do you get? It is possible to create a Java run-time install for use with just the scanner that makes sure the right java is available for it.

    Also what is java 241 I am unaware of it - probably just a shorthand name you are using that I'm not groking.

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