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  1. The only thing I feel upset over is people comparing it to Springer. Springer need to put to death. This actually feels real (isn't with payed actors), the arguments are somewhat logical and the public watching don't groan like pigs.
  2. Hehe. I like the fact that even the admins (Steve= Steve Grammont?) engage with their custommers like this. Shows dedication and more importantly it shows why the public company form really is overvalued as the prime way to run a business, both for its own sake and for the economy. It just never gets as personal and the dedication never really is there if you haven't built up the thing yourself and own it yourself. After reading through parts of this thread I can almost compare it like a fight between the founder of a company and a powerfull stock owner that actually in this case owns no stock. Other Peoples money, anyone? (It's a film). But the difference here (and you must've seen the film) is that the founder has managed to keep the fans along and continue the develop from a copper cable company to a fiber company while the stock owner wants to go back because he believes there is a market for his kind. I must admit though that reading up on this title I thought it wasn't ever going to work. But that's because I don't believe a model like this doesn't fit small screens with low multi-touch capabilities and a budget lower than the original titles. Frankly I would like to have seen a more arcade like version.
  3. From my knowledge of how this game is programmed (its quite limited) I have to agree with Bill. The upgrade is for the tile defense value and that value is transfered to the unit that sits on it.
  4. You guys have been added to my email! Hope to hear from you soon. Slightly hard to add you huhr as you didn't list your email. Please add me at Fallout underline 4 underline ever at hotmail dot com Also one of my favourite games Well that is to msn. Not sure if your email is connected to it davillan. But what do you guys say about a game on Sunday evening?
  5. Please Really would like to do it. Big wish from my behalf. I've had this game since I was a kid. Just found it again. Cheers.
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