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  1. Hello, can you tell me where to buy SC1? I've to move it to a new PC. Thanks a lot
  2. I agree SC1 is a fantastic game, it needs just to be better balanced in favour of Allied side, there are many and easy weays to do it. SC2 is good but it has a huge lack: it does not allow to attack with surprise USSR, just this element gets the game unplayble. Please in SC3 maintains the surrprise attack to USSR. it is a basic fature of WWII.
  3. Hi Bill101, I was speaking the classic Fall Weiss, I've just bought the game, I'm a beginner (I do not know the one you mentioned, where can I find it?). So in Fall Weiss campaign is not possible to surprise USSR by Declaration of War? In tha same manner of SC1, to better explain my thinking. Thanks a lot for your help.
  4. As in SC2 the Allied can move units even in major neutral country, will be it impossible to surprise USSR units on the border? A player can have all the time to well defend well deep in the Counry, not loosing any units under the first attach of Axis. Is it fair?
  5. thanks, when you say the cities and recources must be covered, do you mean with ZOC or directly with a unit placed on the Hex interested?
  6. Thanks, what does it mean Pripyet?
  7. To avoid the patisan activities in USSR and Yugoslavia, is it sufficient to cover all the marsh and mountain hexes with ZOC? or is it also needed to cover cities and recources? thanks.
  8. Thanks. Another quick question, in case of city without corps or something else, the AD value is 2 so bigger than with a corp (1)? Does it make sense? And how does the formula work with alone cities? The AD value is 2 and the supply 5 (for example) and 0 the rating? What's the readiness?
  9. if you ahve AA researc lev 1 and a corp in a city, what is the Air Defence Value? 1 or 2? and what is the Air Defence Bonus? 1 or 2? thanks for your help
  10. Hello, I have 2 questions about AA research: - does it add 1 point to a land unit in a city or resource as air defence bonus point AND air defens value? - if Gernany has got this research, does an Italian unit in a German city receive this bonus? and viceversa? thanks a lot.
  11. Another 2 quick questions: - the Anti-Aircraft research increases the Air Defence Value AND gives 1 more Dfence Bonus to the unit located on a atrategic resource? - does it work even on a US uinit located on a USSR city, considering that the AA research has been reached by USSR and not by US? In other wordrs does it prevail a geographic criteria or a unit criteria? thenk you very much for your help.
  12. Thanks Hubert, I've now understood that supply form cities is calculated first and prevail over the one coming from a close HQ even if this last HQ has a supply of 8 and the city of 5. Is the range of 5 hex, to receive the influence of a HQ, affecetd by terrain values? like for supply?
  13. I've not well understood how to link HQs. If I put a HQ close to a city with supply 5 it should receive a supply of 8, and if I put another HQ clost to this HQ with supply 8, it should have a supply of 10, is it right? This last step does not happen. for example in Canada, as axis, even having 2 HQ in this region, within 2 hexagons, I noted a supply of 8 for both. Could someone explaint that to me?
  14. to summarize: - just naval units can benefit from Air Def bonusus of Ports - for example an airplane in the fortification receives a def bonus of 2 in case of an attack from a corp and of 4 in case of an air attack or tank attack is it right? another question: in case of a blitz attack, the supply of the attacker is it calculated according to the hex of start or arrival? thanks
  15. As an'airplane can't occupy a hexagon of sea like the port (is it sea?), to benefit these bonuses must it occupy just the city next to the port? thanks as usual for your support.
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