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  1. Hi i am looking for an opponent to play the nup mod (like the size an tactics possibility of the map). I can play at least 1 turn/day. Send me a MP if interested.
  2. This tournament idea sounds great if it is still possible i would like to participate...
  3. I have currently a game where axis are on the low tide... i invested a lot of money to seduce Franco... it didn t give a lot and suddendly i have 9% improvment.... well it is not enough but i found that weird in a way as axis loose position that s spain decide to make a move towards axis... Here is my idea of diplo improvment... could it be possible to add bonus/malus to diplo chits, for example if you hold a certain number of cities which count for victory?
  4. Weather at sea affect the movement... i think must be that in your case
  5. if i remember ending date around may 1947 if all axis major powers didn t surrender at this time...
  6. I had same problem in a multiplayer where a lost Newcastle taken by a U boat without any landing... seems there is a bug here...
  7. Personnally i never use chits on anti aircraft radar tech... i was just wondering if it is possible to enhance it as radar tech wich could be for example applied to navy in order to spot other navy or subs? radar tech was very important in battle for atlantic... maybe it has already been discussed?
  8. Well on the game I playing as allies i think in china my opponent is too focus on the main stronghold from chunking to the coast... it can works but with time and money... personnally as axis i prefer to focus on the north which a weak point and heading to the ressources of the east (and next capitals for china), after taking chunking by the north is quite easy... For Pacific it release a lot of human power and you just need to crush US navy (which is the hard part...) but by plundering china you gain around 1000 Point which help you to build 1 or 2 carriers... Dont bother to garnison all pacific just leave bombers at strategic spot (long range tech help) and you will be able to intervene everywhere there is a treat... Pacific again is a question of naval/air supremacy...
  9. Well maybe you are right but i don t play anymore against AI, only human player... because for me it is more thriling to play against a surprising opponent who don t need to cheat to be difficult to beat... after a while I was fed up to kill and kill suicidal waves of chinese or russian. Don t get me wrong AI is well programmed, but before we have a Swcharzy 'Terminator' AI there is time. Nonetheless it is not the point i wanted to discuss... and sorry again but for me China is an too easy catch (AI or Human opponent or even cyborg one...)
  10. After several games as the empire of darkness... i notice China is dedicated to be japanese occupied... and i mean around 1942 (even with some luck 1941) and without a lot of lost for japaneses. When you now the trick it is just a logistical issue... i think the communist part (especially near Mongolia) is really the weak point (i always take back Mao in prison in Tokyo before Chang Kai Chek) and the mountain in the center are a good path to chunking for my motorized corps. I know it is not mean to be a real historical game, but as well i think China should have a chance to defend, because after it is just dominos (china, India or Australia or Russia...). Maybe it could be good to add some massive partisans uprising (like the 2 on the coast) and why there is no more and US air task force like in pacific theather (Chennault HQ, bomber and fighter if i remember) or at list just a DE to send Chennault to China (otherwise it is too complicated to send one US HQ over there) and up to the US to send as well air forces... Well if you have some ideas and opinions i will be glad to hear it...
  11. well as a arrogant nationalist (french) that i am you got a point... i know it is not mean to be (only) a historical game and it need to keep some playability by renewing the game each time... I think it is the best game about WWII and some of the best strategic and tactical game because of it, it is fun and realistic at the same time. for the matter it is quite surprising that vichy which was the "official" center of power capitulate and that the remaining colony remain neutral... The opposite (allies that capture north africa or anyelse colonies without making vichy enter war as axis) is quite normal as vichy was divided between numerous factions (from 100% pro germans to neutral) even Darlan (HQ in vichy?) was struggling for political power with de gaulle after the takeover of north africa (and was assassined if i remember). Anyway, sorry for my english and the borring history course... if i may ad i don t understand why De gaulle is HQ? Leclerc ok for example but De gaulle only made politics (great one...) and why france is still divided after reconquering Dakar, algiers, damas, tunis, vichy and paris... like if it was differnt entities with different pool of force... again there was hundreds of thousand french (from north africa) in italy and then in provence and germany... France even succeed to win a siege at UN among the 4 (UK, US, china and URSS) and a occupation zone in Berlin... Maybe it is to complicated to put in the game, i don t know i am not developper... last thing about Italy why we have to take rome before it surrender? i taly surrendered once allies put a foot on the continent and then go along with them... maybe it could be possible to divide italy beetween pro us and pro axis in north (salo republic)... ok i am too long i stop
  12. classic scenario 1939 World at war, and yes the us have joined the allies and therefore fully activated. I precise again they do not try to invade dakar which is already in british hand. It is feel like for us french west africa was still neutral and not in allied hand...
  13. Just to signal a bug... Brits have taken Dakar and afterward i try to use it to load amphib assault of us troups but i can t enter the port... furthermore i can t unload amphib unit (us only)
  14. I am sorry but I am struggling to download a mod (brute force here). Well I go on the battlefront SCGC page http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=231&Itemid=362 then I click on the link for brute force at repository newest (I am logged in with my account) but it send me on this page with a message of unauthorized access... http://www.battlefront.com/?mosmsg=ERROR%3A+Unauthorized+Access. Ok it get me mad and don t what i am doing wrong, can you help me?
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