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  1. Worked fine for me too a little while ago, thanks for the update!
  2. You're not using Kaspersky Internet Security are you? I only get those messages on my PC with KIS installed. It's a simple fix if you are, but if you're not then I don't think I can help.
  3. Awesome. Time to shell out some cash for this gem. Love the borders, I was sent a message by the AI asking me to remove my units from his territory. Thought that was pretty cool.
  4. Nice improvements! Quick question, if I want to install this on 2 PC's (at the same residence) will I need to purchase 2 copies or is it a site license?
  5. Cool, sounds good. Running fine on mine as well though I've yet to experience a lot of units moving at once. Looks like a winner, will buy it for sure.
  6. Thanks for the welcome, Brit. Cool, was worried that my res wouldn't be sufficient. Think my CPU is 1.67Ghz and I upgraded the RAM to 2GB so I'm not too worried about that. I'll demo it on my netbook now to be sure though. Thanks for what looks to be an awesome game.
  7. Hi all, Curious what resolutions this game supports and if it can be played in Windowed mode as well as Full Screen. My only copy of Windows at the moment is on my netbook and I'm specifically wondering if its 1024x600 screen will work with EOS. I will definitely be buying another copy of Windows 7 to throw on my Mac as well, but that's a little down the road and I'd like to play this now!
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