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  1. Brit, Thanks for the great detailed response. Sounds like you have plenty of work for EOS 2 or post release patches. :-) How is the game coming? Are you still on track for an early Dec release?
  2. Brit, How easy is it going to be to mod EOS, like swap out unit icons and add or change music tracks? Not that what you have is not very good and usable, but I'm sure when we get a hold of the ruleset editor we may want to create specific units like Tiger tanks, etc.
  3. Well, it depends. Sometimes you can just click on land and sometimes not. There seems to be some sensitivity due to terrain types that I've encountered. In general, with the latest build, you select the transport to dock and then you can select the troops to move onto land even while the ship is in transit. It works a lot better now than in the earlier builds. :-)
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