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  1. I can make different versions of the gun pits - different sizes and shapes - and provide them to the TOW mod community as .3ds files. I have some other variants (someplace) that I will post later (when I can find them).
  2. Gmax is now supported again and can be found at Turbosquid: Turbosquid Gmax Turbosquid has the newest edition of Gmax, plus tutorials and support. I have Blender but don't know anything about it. RE: Screens - thanks. They are probably too complex for TOW "statics", but they show how rocks and sparse foliage don't have to look boring. I can send .3ds copies of the rock models to TOW modders who may want to experiment.
  3. Thanks, but I do have it. I did skim through the pub, but didn't see anything that two explained large spheres. Maybe I should read it again more slowly?
  4. Hi, Oragus, if we decrypt the format of the msh to full extent, check this topic http://tow.sieber-markus.de/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=30 , then it would be possible to create import and export plugin for maya 3d (know maya plugin programming not max 3d). But I don't have time go any futher. So there is very small chance or none that 1C will provide the plugin for Max 3d or any other 3d editor. br. Dr.Jones </font>
  5. As stated in another thread, I can't get the sample Max model of the Sherman to work - it crashes Max to the desktop. Also, I have a question about the sample Staghound model that DOES work in Max. What are those two big spheres that surround the model?
  6. Too bad. Hopefully Sneaksie finds this thread and can help. Not many TOW owners have MAX (I can only afford the free Blender) I suspect and your work is lovely. </font>
  7. Narses suggested that TOW needed a Marder, and I already had one started. Unfortunately, the sample TOW Max tank model - a Sherman - crashes Max to the desktop, so I don't know what is required to make a TOW model.
  8. Yes, the concepts shown above may be too complex for TOW? But, they do show how to avoid the park-like appearance that you complained about. Probably the single best thing to remember when creating terrain objects or laying out a game level, is to make things look "messy" and non-symmetrical. Who is developing the Kalypso patch? - the developers or a third party?
  9. Hi, Harry. Narses and I have stayed in touch and keep looking for a good combined arms sim to mod. He is currently learning the TOW editors while I am learning how to use 3dsMax. Below are some Max concepts where I attempt to avoid the mechanical-looking regularity that you have complained about - where the trees look like lollipops and the emplacements look like boxes.
  10. I have DL-ed the sample Max models, and started reading the modeling guide. Unfortunately, the Max model of the M4 Sherman causes 3dsMax9 to CTD. The model of the Staghound seems OK.
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