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  1. Hello, is strange a.i. behavior after last patch for game engine 4 (V12_black sea) manifested in running of few squad members around buildings, or positioning half of the squad on wrong (enemy) side of walls and buildings well documented now, or should i make videos and fill report for support? Im new to the forums and dont want to duplicate info about something which is wll known to others. My personal and technicaly un-educated quess is that new a.i. behavior trying to use corner peek mechanics is not able to properly react on some type of architecture or its combinations (buildings with adjacent walls etc) and properly positioning itself relative to enemy. This is mabye magified with grid style map and new more spreading unit mechanic. Manipulating with units is now more unpredictable and in cqb often ends with unnecessary losses. And because Combat Mission is based on micromanaging units, unexpected unit behavior is from gameplay perspective counterproductive and gamebreaking element. This is of course just my opinion.
  2. Same here. Thank you for retrieving lost cmsf serial, John. Patrik Pass
  3. thx for great tip. guys, maybe im little dumb:), but where can i find info about guns of enemy units(for example tanks. i can see only their armor)
  4. i forgot few tips: use deploy phase to find best position( crossfire pockets, hull down positions) dont move if you dont need to. but i have some questions too: infantry seems to be useless against tanks and attacking inf units. (including situations when my units are in trenches) infantry is unable knock out or even immobilize tank. are you planning tweak infantry vs infantry and infantry vs tanks and light armor?
  5. its not so hard. in big tanks(50armor) aim on turret. when you damage the main gun, aim on another tank. immobilize and finish them later. always concentrate fire of all your guns on one tank, damage his gun, then move to another. when youre aiming on light armored cars(15armor) and tanks, dont aim on specific spot. its harder to hit with precise aiming(tracks/body/turret). you have chance, that youll destroy them with first shot. be sure, that your tank and gun crew is experienced(esp leader and gunner). good luck
  6. hello, last mission of polish campaign is really hard. write your email here and i will send you my 5 saves of different stages of last polish mission, so you can see how its possible to win over germans. with your tanks and guns be in hull down position and dont move with them but basic tactics is: take 275mm guns with best crew take2best tanks with 60penetration with best crew german tanks with cca20-25 armor kill with normal aim, but aim on turret against tanks with50armor. when you hit their guns, immediatly aim on another tank. so first disable their guns, then finish them dont let erman infantry knock your guns(use mortar artilery) there is 3-4 waves of enemies in this scenario, so be cautios. good luck
  7. elite blue: total victory 37men killed 73 wounded 0 missing 2tanks lost 12 armored vehicles lost 0 other vehicles lost red: 1371 killed 756 wounded 354 missing 51 tanks lost 22armored vehicles lost 85 other vehicles lost ............................................... your results?
  8. martyr, its very easy battle. i win with one wounded soldier: 1)first deploy soldiers with javelins on berm. they can take out tanks and bunkers(bunkers will dont see them). rearm soldiers in strykers and put down buildings in outpost with javelins. call artilery on buildings(and if you want, on trenches). in trenches use antipersonel arty. let some some soldiers with javelins on berm. there will be some enemy tank reinforce in the middle of the mission and they will put them down with javelins. move with tanks(not with strykers) slowly on highway and step after step destroy bunkers/tanks and supress enemy in trenches around highway. you can put down some buildings with tank rounds. step by step move slowly tanks to the compound. strykers far after them -bec they dont have thick armor. wait till your bombardment of compaund stop and then slowly move tanks in. always move one/two tanks and the others let stationary - to support and spot enemy. there will still be some lucky at enemy alive inside. dont move with strykers in compound or dismount infantry till whole compound is clear of enemies. good luck! (and sorry for bad english)
  9. there are really some annoying problems with pathfinding:( it would be great idea to add visual ghost line of path which will units really take.
  10. yes. youre right. for me its quite realistic. for US is very important keeping looses as low as possible(public opinion etc) i believ, that creators of campaign missions had this option in mind
  11. for me are campaign missions nicely balanced. im playing on elite and in real time. when i have more than one dead and one wounded soldier, im trying again. i think - its easy to win, but its quite challenging to win without dead soldiers. what i dont like on some missions - teleporting fresh enemy units very near your units(on the borders of maps.) sometimes are enemy soldiers and jeeps appearing in the middle of US units and thats for me quite unrealistic.
  12. i forgot to add: somewhere in the middle is for me theatre of war. impossibility to use buildings is so absurd, that it deform whole tactics. do you think that shock force have such a problems?
  13. 1:1 was great step forward. for me it changet the whole tactics. because i care more for individula soldiers and im motivated keeping looses at zero(or near zero) i dont get why michael dorosch thinks, taht problems(bugs) in shock force are all rooted in 1:1 vizualization. ai can be improved/pathfinding too/multicore optimalization/. and sure it will be. shock force is for me great game(im enjoyig it like modern steel panthers in 3d). for me is sohock force much better as previous combat mission games. michael dorosh said, that shock force is somewhere in the middle and now noone is really happy with that. then - im the middle man! shock force is now great and will be greater for me! im playing in real time. totaly forgot heavy time consuming/and after some time boring wego. on the other side - im playing against computer. didnt tried yet realtime play against human(so here have michael dorosh maybe point) but again - when i should have problems managing units in real time...my oponent will be human too.so he will be fighting with same problems and same time limit. thats sounds fair duel to me...
  14. i have full game and its great fun! much better as all combat missions together. im playing in realtime and everything is as it should be. we-go was after some time bore. (for me) of course there are some bugs, but they will be soon fixed. i was frist dissapointed too. give the game chance.
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