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  1. in my view that wouldnt be an improvement at all. we already had italy as a minor of germany on the other engine, taking advantage of german research and so on. italy shall be weak, if you want to help them, you must send them units and stretch your force, as they had to do historically...
  2. AI is actually quite good in this game if you compare with quite a few other strategy games, and most players probably play against AI, although its in multiplayer that it shines. I think squares have done a good job, so why people want hexes back is a riddle to me. Especially the global campaign is in my opinion a much better game than SC1 ever was, and squares are contributing to that. I would prefer an even more epic game at larger scale, with new units and attachments (naval bombers, marines, mountaineers, commandos), commanders for air and naval units, division instead of corps level, decisions on politics (industrial capacity vs. manpower/partisans vs industrial output in occupied terriotories/aircraft focus vs. shipping focus vs. army focus) etc. For the WW2-Scenario I would like to see campaigns like Weserübung and the invasion of Greece and Crete made in a more interesting way. That is something which is lacking in most WW2-games... Graphically the map could be more beautiful. I loved the Rome TW or the Victoria 2-map, something at that level of detail would be fantastic. I dont mind about sprites, as I dont play with them anyway, but I guess others do... Just a wishlist.
  3. Will there be a Nupremal mod for the WW1 engine? Its still giving me the most interesting games in multiplayer... And if it its going to be made, a bit feedback: Italian East-Africa ist still to difficult to conquer. There should be a supply event similar to the Malta event... In my opinion, Indo-China is far too difficult to conquer for the Japanese player. I suggest making both corps there strength 3 for easy takeover. I feel it would be better to have Burma as British colony. You could still reinforce it from China. Too many partisans in Greece and too little economical advantage of conquering it. Rumania has only one oil field, which doesnt reflect its importance for the German war effort. I would approve of one more oil field which was triggered by axis control of Crete / Sevastopol if thats possible to mod. Too many partisans on the Phillipines in my opinion. I would rather see some of these attacking infrastructure and not appear as units.
  4. ok looking for a game 1939 storm over europe (i prefer allies as it would be my first campaign), 1914 (central powers or entente the same) or nupremal mod. normally a turn a day, sometimes i might be able to squeese out more. mouthoftgr@googlemail.com
  5. will any of the features from the other new ww2 campaign (tech progression, movement etc) be included?
  6. i was just referring to the games mentioned in this thread. that said, it think its immanent there must be some kind of bias towards axis... the game lives from the concept that the allies come late, but strong, and that the axis have a fair chance of winning if they make the right decisions and have dice luck early (tech/battles). a decent player should have a good chance of reproducing historical results, and it should be difficult to get beyond that. of course very experienced players might be able to deploy strategies after several games which have a big chance of success. but i would like to emphasize that this is only for very experienced players. for less experienced players allies are easier to win with, thats my view. nothing stops very experienced players from using a few house rules to stop inbalance. they could be: reduced number of tacs germany is allowed to build, no upgrading of minors etc. personally i got little time to play these days, and when i prefer nupremal mod, which rocks in multiplayer! (in nupremal mod, upgrading of minors is just 50 % efficient btw)
  7. game is very well balanced in my opinion. the campaign you describes sounds to me like you did mistakes on a strategical level. about the other campaigns described in this thread, a few house rules against gamey strategies should do the trick.
  8. i hope that there will be an option to turn off that you can see these graphs from your contrahent. they are giving away far too much information for my taste. perhaps investing in intelligence could give you some insight of this kind...
  9. kudos to dragon for inventive gameplay. however, i do consider these strategies gamey (japan taking vichy LOL) and if they spread I wouldnt play an opponent not comitting to a few house rules, i guess...
  10. There has been many comments about the research system. Fact is, that in a lot of games i have experienced very fast, almost game-breaking progress in certain sectors, and no progress in others. It just doesnt feel right when Germany plays with less good tanks than everyone else, and it also doesnt feel right with sub level 5 in 1940... Certainly, the system with chance still adds to the game and is good to keep. What i would like to see though, is a guaranteed progress... You could for instance have a guaranteed progress of 5-10 % (dependent on how much real time a turn represents) by chit invested in a certain technology and an added element of luck which might be as much as 20 %. Such a system might produce more realistic results without being deterministic in its outcome. Of course you could still have the option to keep the current system in the preferences when you start a game.
  11. Its not particularly tough, and it shouldnt be particularly easy either, in an age of mass warfare... Some well trained units start with some extra experience, seems perfectly balanced to me
  12. looking for a game (not mirror), central powers or entente same to me. e-mail: mouthoftgr@googlemail.com
  13. yes. i have tried everything except deinstalling kaspersky. @ xwormwood, of course you might be right that kaspersky now made a bad result in stiftung warentest. as i began using kaspersky, they had the best results in computer bild tests for several seasons. but my view is that kaspersky just like norton is a major player, and there must be a solution to the problem for kaspersky users as well, regardless wether other protection softwares might have a higher quality these days...
  14. i am no computer expert, but as a paying customer i cant follow the reasoning partly expressed here, namely that i should get another protection solution. i have now played all games in the series since the first with no such problems (also on this computer with the same protection solution), and i have many other games on it, with no similar problems. i have tried all the solutions on the problem suggested here, except deinstalling kaspersky, with no success. if im the only one, ok, but it doesnt seem so... im a casual gamer, if im gonna spend hours and hours just on getting a game up and running, well i actually already did lol. what i am trying to say is that i have appreciated all the games in the strategic command series since the first came out, and i understand its a little company so take your time, but for all my admiration and respect, if the customer shall do the support, thats my last purchase.
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