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  1. I'm with poesel give me an apollo 120 and i'm happy.
  2. Hello, great game and all but i'm having a problem trying to update to version 1.0.1 namely the updater freezes everytime i get to demeter.dll i've let it sit there for an hour and still nothing. Am i doing something wrong, is there a known bug? Any help would be greatly apprciated. I'm running Windows Xp Proffesional edition on an AMD Athlon 64 4400+ X2 (X2 means dual-core), if that makes any difference.
  3. Will this hideous beast have all the fun weapons, and multiple turrets we've come to expect from the OGRE game? Kinda convenient that you add infantry just before you add something with more anti-infantry capabilities than a small country.
  4. Me too, usually i just try typing something to my team and wait a bit and it'll reconnect but it's quite annoying.
  5. Don't want to be pushy, but can you give a rough estimate as to when infantry will be implimented. Sorry but i'm a major fan of infantry.
  6. Then why stop at dual cannons, why not a quad 20mm?
  7. Glad to see another Ringo fan. I have a few ideas 'bout infantry too if you don't mind. First of all, as much as i'd like to see un-armoured infantry in this game, i think they'll be a bit silly. Considering the extremely varied conditions in which the fighting occurs i doubt a human could survive outside of a sealed enviroment (kinda hard to breath if the atmospheric density is 2.3). So going off the armoured idea, just how mobile are the infantry? Jump jets and bouncing is entirely up to the design team but i think it would be really cool if the infantry didn't have a radar signal unless they bounced. Either way the next question is about armament of the infantry. Considering the large amount of armour on the battlefield the infantry have to be able to care for themselves. As much as i'd love for them to be the king of the battlefield, thier weapons have to be in proportion to the weapons that currently exist, so i'm thinking mostly unguided rockets (cheap but effective, probably low ammo count too). As for the deployable PDW i would stay away from them, infantry's (especially mobile infantry if they are implemented) greatest assest is manuverability so please don't tie them don't to need fixed positions. Also i don't think the grunts want to carry more gear than they need. I would recommend having an engineer squad that could drop the standard turrets and capture buildings, but please don't give deployables to the regular troops. Just throwing some ideas around, feel free to ignore me (most people do). And to address the issue of cost, modern soldiers are expensive to train and equip. But no matter how cheap the soldiers are in comparison to the tanks, humans are always more expensive in terms of time.
  8. I thought the point of the HE rounds was to deal w/ infantry, otherwise those rounds are pretty useless.
  9. When is this great game scheduled to be released?
  10. I would say your aiming is a bit off Drusus, i know you can kill the driver in one hit because it's happened to be a dozen times at least. I think the most important thing to consider is the size of the vehicle, the Thor has way too much frontal armor to attempt a driver kill, but the Apollo is perfect for it. The paladin is a bit harder, i recommend a shot from the side into the driver's compartment but I know it's possible (happened to be me before, and done it before). Also it's very possible to take out a Shrike with a single HEAT round.
  11. The 120 AP and HEAT are handy but the HE is pretty useless (good for buildings i guess). I was wondering if there will be other maybe more exotic types of ammunition like plasma rounds or incendinary rounds and if it will be possible to choose your ammunition lay-out before you deploy.
  12. Actually its probably likely that the suicide means that the crew bails and scatters, being so small they aren't picked up on radar the crew waits 'til the battle is over to be recovered or captured as POWs (In mercenary units being reenlisted on the capturing side).
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