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  1. Yup, not interested at all! Two mini campaigns and some maps for $25 is stretching it a bit. I was hoping for some fixes, additional modelled content or much longer campaigns of around 10 missions. With the $ exchange rate as bad as it is here in the UK at the moment I won't be buying this addon.
  2. Yeah - we need an update on the new stuff for ToW Madmatt! You said we would hear something this week..............
  3. Been away a while and I come back to find word of new developments with ToW - this is great! I thought development of the original ToW was over now that ToW2 is near completion.
  4. Sounds superb Gnasher, thanks for the major effort you are putting into this innovative campaign design.
  5. Enjoyed playing through all the missions once the Uber Patch was released, but once you have done that there is nothing left to play and no compelling reason to replay the game as you know exactly what will happen on each mission. Nice concept, shame about the execution! I doubt the addon will revive the game, its already dead and forgotten.
  6. Well done Mcalhau Looking forward to having another bash at this one
  7. Hi Sfox28 Not having a go at you at all in that post so don't take any offence. It was a general dig at the state of the AI and the way in which all levels of ToW gamer are affected by the AI basically being borked. I have actually found that playing on Easy gives you the most realistic game, anything above that and the Borg AI will annihilate any chances of veteran troops getting any further than 3 missions in a row. It will only be worth playing on higher levels when the AI are evenly matched and you don't have to nurse them around the battlefield constantly. They could learn something from the Faces of War programmers about AI. Patched up that game has some of the best WWII RTS AI I have seen. The AI takes cover, sorts which weapons and ammo it needs for a given situation and will defend itself well without your direct control.
  8. Honestly, I think people are missing the fact that we should be enjoying the game on the EASY level here. Yes, I said EASY. I know that goes against the macho male uber elite I CANNOT BE BEATEN BY A COMPUTER types on here, but lets face it, if you have to play it on MEDIUM and it whips your A$$ so much you have to edit the mission to give yourself some extra uber Tigers then you may as well face the truth that the AI OWNS. We all know that HARD level is meant for people who don't mind wasting hours playing against the BORG where 'Resistance is Futile' and you will die horribly, be assimilated and work for the 1C programmers until you are relieved from your pointless virtual existance by your mom bringing you chocco crunchies for breakfast, but, hey, thats life. Join the dark side brothers and play on EASY, that way you get to waste the AI in something close to historical accuracy and still retain something more than 2% of your original troops. DISCLAIMER: This has been an IRONIC post by someone who does play on EASY and seriously enjoys this game. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to win the war
  9. Wow - so it gets even tougher after the AA :eek: I haven't got beyond the part where the AA are destroyed yet - I can never get to the PzIV. I started the Russian campaign and i'm near the end of that so I will give the commando mission another try when I finish it.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments and glad you liked the short AAR I hope you enjoy the game if you decide to buy it.
  11. Will it be action footage or just a long slideshow ? Looks like a good mix of IL2, SH3, ToW, some Red Orchestra ? and perhaps some COD ?
  12. Only 60% ?? That would improve the game 100% for me
  13. I got mine from Battlefront and it was actually dispatched from a depot in Ireland. Took five days to arrive on the UK mainland.
  14. I haven't seen this at all. I always get the options to win the battle or continue the battle after I have completed all objectives. There are always still some infantry or disabled tank crews running around on the map when this option comes up so I often choose the option to continue the battle so that I can run them over with some nice heavy armour
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