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  1. ok but do i ignore the download nato-fix.htm that is attached to my nato cd (application .exe) i followed the link,
  2. hi just got tht marine+british+nato cd bundle the nato cd ha a tag on it download patch nato-fix.html am i correct in thinking i dont need to install this patch if i install patch v1.31 instead, or does this need to be installed as well
  3. dieseltaylor whats the difference between 80mm rolled armor v 80mm cast armor(penetration)
  4. hi have cmak cmb cmbo all on cd .if i decide to buy new computer at later date i just reinstall cd question (before i purchase cmsf range) with cmsf e-licence, i unlicence then e-licence again on the new future machine .(years from now) now the issue i have is recession and companies closing down ,if by chance 6 months to 2 years from now the same happens to you .what happens to your e -licence would you release some sort of override code to allow people to install game in the future,or do we just throw it in the bin
  5. what is the difference that the cdv wont work with the code that hunter released for cmc
  6. thanks for releasing it to the community i have 2 questions 1 could you release details that would allow community to create editor for changing weapons on new vehicles that they may build and want to add to cmc/cmbb/cmak 2 if community create a mod activator for above could you release details that would allow them to hook it to main program cmc/cmbb/cmak
  7. thinking of installing linux/ubunta (what the difference) on a rebuilt machine . i dont have xp or vista only windows me does anyone use it here if so you might have answer to the following questions 1 easy to install / minimum memory spec 2 printers / joysticks etc any problems 3 easy to use 4 compatible with windows games for xp and vista . notably cmak /bb and cmsf and some of the other battlefront games etc
  8. what will be the effect on the us military budget (research and development) with a new president . heard that anti missile systems were at risk abl laser, thaad ,naval follow on to sm3 missile and other systems were at risk of cancellation, any one have any info on them and other programs that could get axed
  9. guys what gonna happen with cmc .it will link to bb for the combat scenes and if bb doesnt work right with nvidea equipped computers a lot of new players are going to be disappointed. technically battlefront are knowingly selling faulty goods, wont go down well with the powers that be where i come from, or battlefront have you a patch lined up for the new game .if so then why wont you release it now for the players that have ak/bb trouble at the moment
  10. where can i get information on the australian and nz ordance industry output (weapon types and components)
  11. curious as to how they were supplied .did the ships sail up the suez canal to cairo or alexandria , or did they have to sail from gibralter to malta to alexandria/port-said or what ever port is at the mouth of the suez ( my geography is not great) suez canal seems like the best option to me , what am i missing here
  12. john is this on battefront site (CM groggery and energy find thread) searched but cant find it all i am getting is not enough words in search mininum 3 ???
  13. thanks guys saw the mine section john that is where i saw that mushroom mine and that has raised my curiousity .funny actually very hard to find info on british mines (germans lot easier) british dont want to give impression they used them at all
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