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  1. Hi guys Lots of response:), some of which i knew were coming ( Rambo ). Anyway, I do play alot of online games, just not these type of games cause they just take too long. Anyway i am glad the AI is getting the attention it deserves. My hopes are on Edwin! greating and happy gaming Killer Tomato
  2. Sorry but i don't agree with the sellfish part of your response. Most people judge a game based on it's AI, all otherthings like a timer for multiplayer i don't care about.
  3. Hi Blashy thx for the reply That is very good news. BUT i thought the game is shipping as we speak.... So are we talking patch here?
  4. Hi there I keep reading that the AI was the last issue Hubert spent time on. Everytime somebody posts a comment about how easy something is, like sea-lion, the answer is well, not against a human player. Problem is I and i think many with me only play vs Computer. My descision to buy is based only on a good AI. Will the AI be worked on the coming weeks so it will be challaging & surprising? Killer Tomato
  5. Hahaha cool national anthems. Nice touch! As for the music. I like it, seems to fit the type of game quit well
  6. Well than i must say that it does exactly work like you say it should. Am really anxi ous to see how this works out in a full lenght campaign all those considerations... Now i understand the 150 page printed manual:) thx for answering!
  7. Hi Hubert Thanks for the very quick response. It was indeed just that. I took benelux/norway/denmark in turn 1 and got those morale/readiness bonusses in the next turn. Turn after that the effect was already less. Slight problem is perhaps that in turn 2 & 3 I had an almost unbeatable army. Every french army took 6 hitpoints per attack by a german army. Cheerz Killer Tomato
  8. Yeah thx jsut saw my action-points be less in rain-mud conditions.
  9. Oooh thx:) Other thing. I started the campaign 5 times. 3 times my planes could only move 2 tiles. The other times they could move 4 tiles. So my plane in denmark could attach oslo in the first turn or could not. This really confuses me.
  10. Well with 650 kb/s dl goes fast:) First things i notice: Map is crowded Get morale & readiness values far over 100% Can't figure out how to buy units ( help plz ) regards
  11. Great News! Congrats HC and all at battlefront. Now.... Where can i download the game. Got credit card in my hand:) cheerz Killer Tomato
  12. Hi all I bought SC1 when it went gold and played alot with the AI, which after awhile grew boring. A Spectator mode will be nice for a few players, but definetly NOT for players like me. I would prefer an excellent and challeging IA. I must alos add that i have been lurking this forum for quit some time now. If a spectator mode is implemented, i am gonna have a very fun time watching you guys accusing eachother of cheating. ( ME spectating player x and MSN'ing battle info to player y )
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