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  1. Support sorted me out. I had bought the game with an account/email address that i didn't recall even having. 43 is way too young to be going senile.
  2. Thanks Bill but i've done that and don't see anything in my account area regarding keys. Would make sense for them to be there.
  3. Where do i find it? I bought both Blitzkrieg and WaW a few years ago but recently reformatted my hard drive and i need the license keys but don't have the emails. i've submitted a ticket but is there a simple solution to this that i'm overlooking?
  4. Download from official mirrors: 60kb/s 2-3 hours Download torrent: 1.6 mb/s less than 5 minutes TYVM!
  5. I can do better (worse?). I'm averaging one post every 7 months. Less than that actually if you include the two years i lurked prior to actually joining.
  6. With vista, i had both CMAK and CMBB running in a resolution that was stretched out to fill the widescreen on my laptop (1600x900). I upgraded to Win7 and now none of the screen resolution options i'm given fill the screen but instead run with the black bars on the sides. Is there any way of forcing it to fill the screen or do i just have to live with it as it is?
  7. You're right. I was trying to open a PDE campaign in WaW. All sorted now. Cheers.
  8. I've downloaded a number of user made campaigns from the repository and i've confirmed that they have been extracted to the proper folder. they show up in the list of campaigns in windows explorer but they're not listed when i start the game. Any ideas?
  9. Besides what i can here at the repository, are there scenarios available anywhere else?
  10. that's disappointing. So what would prevent me from doing as i described and sending a save file on to a team-mate so we could play with 2 or 3 guys per side?
  11. Just purchased the game today and still exploring so i'm sure i'll have a few dumb questions in the days ahead. For starters; I'm certain i read somewhere that SC2:blitzkrieg could be played by up to 6 players. Is that correct? Is a 6 player PBEM possible? If so, how? I assume instead of ending the turn, you would have to save the game and send the file to your teammate?
  12. Looking for a TCP match of CMAK now! Scenarios preferred but will do a QB on a premade map. Not fussed about parameters. ICQ #357009194 Skype: BlitzCanuck
  13. Amen! There are over 1000 members (including myself) of the Combat Mission ladder at the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club that would agree with that sentiment.
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