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  1. Then there is no time to lose my chubby deity , quickly mail me a setup! Or a nude picture... whatever seems more befitting the situation.
  2. Is that a challenge ? I can't tell because you are so old and i so young,smart good looking and witty! If it was a challenge hurry up and mail me old man!
  3. Aarghhh : PBEM Now i know what is worse than visiting The Pool : visiting The Pool and being corrected by Speedy . If only it was muscular Seanachai to firmly correct me!
  4. I'm not getting my much needed attention! Where have all my loyal minions gone to ? Anyway, now that i've got this new game, who wants to have the honour of a PBM game? He or she or she-he or he-she would certainly grow an even closer bond with me! me! Now, don't make me wait too long, or i'll be forced to visit this stinking Pool some more!
  5. It's me , how much more in the dark do they think i need to be ?
  6. Woot Woot, I got my steelbox edition yesterday ! I'm probably in the wrong place to ask for help but still: -is there a way to get more info on the units when making purchases for a QB game? At the moment i don't seem to get any info what so ever on the units i select.
  7. Surely , one can't be honoured by Peng himself with the title : "Poufy Belgian Poncemaster of the MBT" without being a kanigget? Now, don't invoke my wrath , or i'll use my poof-powers to turn you all into creatures who look at Boo and his wretched life in envy !
  8. With you it's always about your feelings,isn't it? I bet your desktop has a sad puppy on it, or two kittens with yellow ribbons and funny hats.
  9. Although one can argue that a continuation of the Nidan1 -clan is one of the first signs of the apocalyps... congrats to you!
  10. It feels like something is missing... Freaky old gnomes, bitter and bewildered Emerys, goofy Boo, stinking cesspool... it all seems to be there... Yet, i feel this longing for... Well, longing may not be the correct word ; you know the feeling! It's like when you fall off a ladder,break both your legs and you are still waiting for the ladder itself to collaps and hit you on the head but nothing happens... Ha, now I know ! Where is Abbott ???
  11. Chupacabra translates as Goat Sucker.... So i guess the good old just a carrot is quite eligable as culprit.
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