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  1. Game: Current Synopis: Three Annual Prewar Turns players allow to play their choice of three event cards from a choice of 10 each that change the historical starting setting of the game. Summary: Sample Axis Cards: 1. Donitz Appointed Naval Chief (+2 subs) (Removes Axis Card 2 from Play) 2. XXXX Appointed Air Chief (+1 Bomber) (Removes Axis Card 1 from Play) 3. Ally with Turkey instead of Italy (Turkey becomes Major Power, Italy Minor Power) 4. Windel Wilkie Wins US Election (Reduction in USA war Readiness) 5. Sabotage Allied Card (Remove Allied card from play) 6. Supply Spanish Fascists 7. Start War Early Sample Allied Cards 1. Soviet Officer Corps Not Purged (Soviets Gain HQ unit) 2. Sabotage Axis Card 3. Extend Maginot Line to the Sea (France gains fortified tiles) 4. Supply Spanish Republicans (if Not countered Spain Leans Allied towards Russia) .... Cons: Too much variability for purists
  2. Game Engine: Current Summary: Option to limit each country to a country specific number of units; i.e. 30 units for the USA, 15 Units for the UK, 50 Units for the USSR. tech Mobilization tech would increase this limit by 2 per tech level. Details: The scenario designer could limit each Major Power country to a specific number of units. Players would be free to build any units they wish subjust to per unit production restrictions and the total number of units cap. Example: If USA is limited to 30 units, the American player could build; Option 1: 10 Corps, 10 Armies, 4 Cruisers and 6 Air OR Option 2: 15 Corps, 10 Armies and 5 Air OR Option 3: 10 Corps, 5 Armor, 10 Armies and 5 Air The new Mobilization Tech would allow players to increase the number of units that a Major Power could mobilize by 2; subject to production limits. Example: Mobilization Level 2 = Increases Total Units Limit by 4 Cons: Non
  3. Engine: Current Summary: Event Script to Give Nation a Tech Chit Synopsis: This script would allow the scenario designer to write an event script that gives a Major Nation; usually only an AI controlled player, bonus tech chit(s) based on a date or variable condition. This would compensate for the limitations in the AI when it comes to investing in research. Cons: None
  4. Engine: Current Summary: Script that changes the alignment of a Neutral Major Power. Synopsis: A script would allow the game designer to change the alignment of a neutral major power via a script. Example: Italy changes from Pro-Axis Cooperative to Pro-Allied Non-Cooperative.
  5. Engine: Current Synopis: Specified HQ units increase the research chit investment for the owner. Summary: Specific HQ units; i.e. Einstein (USA) or Van Braun (Germany), increase the maximum research chit investment by 250MPPs. Destruction of a Science HQ unit reduces the research MPP limit by 250MPP and chits are automatically reclaimed. Science HQ units have a combat rating of 1 and cannot support any combat units. Purchase of a Science HQ reduces the number of Combat HQs available for purchase. Example: Germany Purchases Van Braun and their Research MPP limit increases by 250MPP. Con: Do we really want to allow players to invest more in research?
  6. Engine: Current Summary: Players can attempt to neutralize enemy diplomacy chits with a counter diplomacy chit. Details: Players can attempt to neutralize enemy diplomacy chits. The chance is 25% + 10% per Intel Tech Level. Each Counter Chit costs 50MPP. Example: UK with Intel Level 1 purchases a Counter Diplomacy Chit to use against Spain. The chit has a 35% (25% base chance + 10% for Intel Level) to remove an Axis diplomacy chit, if one is being used against Spain. If the Axis have not invested any chits in Spain then the Allied chit expenditure is wasted. If Successful a Popup visible to all says: "[Axis] Diplomat Expelled from [spain]" Cons: Do we really want to offer more diplomatic options?
  7. Game Engine: Current Summary: Each level of Intel unlocks additional report screens Details: Intel 2: Reveals Convoy Route MPPs Intel 3: Reveals Enemy Diplomacy Spending for nations that you invest Diplomacy Chits in Intel 4: Reveals Names and Experience of All HQ units Intel 5: Reveals Enemy OOB Example: At Intel Level 3; --- Germany can see the value of Allied Convoy Routes --- If Germany invests 1 Diplomacy Chit in Spain it can see the value of Allied Diplomacy Efforts in Spain Pros: Does this reveal too much? I think not.
  8. Engine: Current Game Summary: Air Fleets can select Combat Air Patrol, which hides adjacent units from spotting by enemy air units. Details: If selected CAP (Combat Air Patrol) has the following effects; CAP Air Fleet Tactic ---- Shields adjacent units from spotting by enemy air units ---- Air Fleets flying CAP cannot intercept enemy air units ---- Air Fleets flying CAP cannot spot enemy units With this tactic players could assemble a secret offensive or defensive force without fear of it being spotted by enemy air units. Con - How and when would AI decide to use this tactic?
  9. Engine: Current Synopsis: The defender's tactics for defense and the fortification level of the island determines the outcome of an Amphibious Invasion Summary: Defender can select: 1. Defend Beaches -------- Effect: Amphibious Invaders face higher casualties. 2. Defend Inland ---------Effect: Statistics (Strength, Morale and Readiness) of Defending Unit remains unknown during the battle and defenders receive a bonus vs naval bombardments. Transports that are disbanded in the Island's port increase the entrenchment value of the beaches OR the inland defenses of the adjacent island tile OR increase the supply level of the Island Tile. Example: Guandacancal has a supply level of 2 since 2 of 3 transports were disbanded in its port and assigned to supply. This means that the corps stationed here can be reinforced 2 times. One transport was used to increase the entrenchment value of the beaches. If the defending corps adopts a Defend the Beaches Strategy. This doubles the casualties suffered by attacking transports. If the defendiing corps adopts an Inland Defense Strategy attacks by naval bombardments are less effective and the strength of the defenders is unknown to the attacker. Con: Amphibious Invasions are more complex with the defender needing to choose the tactics that will be used on each island.
  10. Engine: Current Synopsis: Each Level of Combat Engineering reduces the build time of fortifications and allows the building of more advanced tile improvements. Summary: Each level of Combat Engineering reduces the build time of fortifications by 10 days and increases the type of tile improvements that can be constructed. These improvements include 1) Airbases, 2) Fortifications, and 3) Fortresses. Example: Combat Engineering Tech 0 - Airbases Tech 1 - + Fortifications Tech 2 - + City Fortifications Tech 3 - + Fortresses Cons: Do we really need more fortification types
  11. Engine: Current Synopis: Higher level of diplomacy leanings activate special benefits Summary: Leaning 50% - Units can use neutral ports for repair, resupply and shelter from attack. Leaning 65% - Units can operate through Territory - Example: Germany Units can operate through Neutral Spain to Active Neutral Portugal. Leaning 80% - Can move Air Units into Neutral Territory and these air units can spot enemy units, but cannot attack. German units can operate to Ireland and spot UK Units within spotting range. Con: Programming Time
  12. Engine: Current Summary: Naval Production Research and Air Production Research reduces the build times of their respective units. Design Summary: During WWII the US, Germany and USSR were able to substantially reduce the build times of Naval and Air Units through the application of Mass Production techniques. Submarines that took 13 months to build were being constructed in just 3 months by the end of the war. Players that choose to invest in this tech areas will be able to replace losses faster. Naval Ship Production (Cost 100MPP, Max 3 levels): Each Tech level in Naval Production Tech reduces the production time of Naval units by 1 Month. Air Fleet Production (Cost 100MPP, Max 2 Levels): Each Tech level in Air Production Tech reduces the production time of Air Units by 1 Month. Sample Tech Description: Naval Production Tech During WWII German, British and American industry gretly reduced the production time of naval ships through the application of mass production techniques. Each new level of Naval Production reduces the production time of Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers and Submarines by 1 month. Cons: Do we really want players able to recreate the historical reduction in the production time of naval and air units.
  13. Engine: Current Synopsis: The tactical stance and experience of a naval fleet affects battle results in a classic Rock vs Paper vs Scissors choice of tactics. Design Summary: Naval fleets can be assigned tactics such as Engage (degault), Avoid, and Charge. Popups would indicate the success of such tactics: Popup - [German][submarine] Fleet Engages in NonStop Combat with [American][battleship] Fleet Popup - [German] [Cruiser] Fleet Evades Pursing [british] [battleship] Fleet Avoid - A naval fleet engaged in combat has a chance to withdraw from combat before the enemy attacks. The chance is based on Speed (10% per AP advantage) and Experience (10% per Experience Advantage). If both fleets are operating under Avoid Combat orders the chance to evade combat is 100%. Charge - Naval Combat Continues for two rounds instead of one. The chance is based on Speed (10% per AP Advantage) and Experience (10% per Experience Advantage). If both fleets are under charge orders the chance is 100%. Example: A Submarine operating under orders of Engage (experience 0 and AP 6) attacks a Cruiser (experience 1 and AP 8) operating under orders of Avoid Combat. The cruiser has a 30% to avoid combat. Two fleets operating under Avoid Combat Orders encounter each other. The result is a 100% for no combat between the fleets. Problem 1: Would players really want to assign tactical orders to fleets. I think so, in a naval oriented scenario such as the Pacific Theater Problem 2: Charge tactics would make naval warfare even deadlier
  14. Now, if the AI could send you an occassional pithy text message from a library of messages or audio message that would be really cool.
  15. Axis Advanatage? - I found that by taking Sicily early after the italians enter the war, the allied forces can't lose to the Axis AI even at the Exper +2 level. Why? Hold Sicily with 1 UK HQ + 1Army + 3Air + 1 air on Gibralar and supported with carriers and battleships. Axis AI will concentrate a good portion of its forces trying to retake the island although this severly weakens its eastern front forces. Each turn it loses one unit in fruitless one on one attacks and the allied defenders gain experience. I tried this strategy with the new 1.06 upgrade and the new italian corps in Italy and it still works. The only difference is that the Axis AI will now assign 1 or 2 Air units to support its attacks, and since they are shore based they are easily destroyed by bombardment from the sea and air.
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