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US Cavalry Squadron TO&E differs from CMBN

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i work on a scenario involving a U.S. independent cavalry squadron. TO&E 2-25 which talk about 6 companies (see below), but in CMBN I find only four companies.

Troop A-C with 13 M8 each

Troop D added in armored divisions only (also 13 M8)

Troop E with M8 HMC

Troop F with Stuart Light Tanks

What's wrong?

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IIRC, the M8s were grouped in a company for admin and maintenance, but parcelled out for actual operations.

CMBN doesn't care about admin and maint, so the rump of that company presumably got deleted.

Correct. But the issue is, that E Troop was used in a very flexible manner - in my context there was no fixed assignment to A-C Troop, but the assignments changed, including E Troop being assigned as a whole to an infantry batallion. And therefore it is a bit complicated when you make a campaign. In addition, when you delete D-Troop (as required for an independet squadron) you will have to re-assign HMC #7 and #8 to one of the remaining troops. OK it can be done, but IMHO it would much more elegant to have a fully fledged E Troop.

Probably the best approach will be to delete the equipment of D Troop and assign individual HMC's to create an E Troop.

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Correct. But the issue is, that E Troop was used in a very flexible manner

Sure, and you can do that, but you have to know what it is that you want. In the editor you can add and subtract elements from formations to your hearts content, giving you as designer as much flexibility as you could reasonably want.

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