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Owners of the Retail Special Editions (CMBO, CMBB) Please read here for support info.

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We want to take a moment and welcome all the new people that have recently purchased the Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Special Edition or the Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord Special Edition retail releases.

There are a few points to clarify though.

The newly released Special Edition versions (available only at North American retailers) DO NOT NEED ANY PATCHES APPLIED. They already come pre-patched.

While the Special Edition offers the same gameplay and enjoyment as the version we sell online, the technical support for it, however, is handled a little differently.

First off, if you are having a problem you should read through the current Troubleshooting Guide located here:

CMBB Troubleshooting Guide

If you have to report a technical problem with the game or its physical media (CD, manual etc...) you will need to contact the publisher directly, which is CDV Software Entertainment-US.

Here is the URL for them:

CDV-US Homepage

Be sure and note that you have the SPECIAL EDITION version of the game. Only they can provide replacements for defective CD's or manuals.

If you do not get a response from them within a few business days you can try and email their support representative directly at:


And he will help you as best he can!

If you have a technical issue that requires immeditate attention you can also post to this forum and we will *try* and help you as best we can but primary support does need to come directly from CDV-US.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy the games!


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