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Make Sure No AI Play

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We scenario designers are often confronted by players who DONT READ THE BRIEFING, and then give the Scenario a bad review.

One of the worst is the player who insists on playing against the AI, when it is clearly stated that the AI can't play it's side effectively.


Give one or both sides an Assault Boat - this eliminates the AI option for that side - only Hotseat, PBEM and TCP/IP options will be available.

And guess what?

You don't even have to have the Boat on the map.

I made a Battle with 33 Turns.

The Assault Boat is a reinforcement set for Turn 50.

It will never arrive, but the AI option for that side is still not available.

I would think Ops work the same way - have the Boat arrive as a reinforcement in a Battle that is numbered beyond the actual number of Battles in your Op.

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