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Spring Thaw

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Hey folks -

I've just been working on a little CMBB scenario, and I'm perplexed:

3-battle Operation - I want to start with Frozen conditions, and then have it thaw in Battle #2 or maybe in Battle #3

Does anyone know how to do this so that one can reliably get weather warmer than FROZEN in the second battle?

I've just spent a frustrating couple of hours trying every different combo of TIME OF YEAR and REGION.

Seems that if you select FROZEN for the first battle, things stay frozen.

Anyone seen different?

I'm sure I've played Ops where water turns to ice as the weather changes - how to do the opposite?

Any assistance gratefully appreciated.

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In the end, the solution for me was this:

June, 1942, Finland. In the Operation Parameters, temperature is set to COLD, Weather to BAD, Ground Conditions to LIGHT SNOW.

First Battle is Midday - the water is unfrozen.

2nd Battle is Night - the water freezes.

3rd Battle is Midday again - the water is unfrozen.

4th Battle is Night - frozen.

This so far has been 100% consistent.

What conclusions one might extrapolate from this, I don't know - but it works.

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