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Naming Convention for Quick Battle Maps.

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Just as a little heads up, id like to say that when youre making a map for quickbattles, please use the naming convention that is present in the game since the game wont let you pick maps that arent named correctly (at lest it wont let me) and if you name it correctly it will also be part of the full QB rotation of maps.

so that is as follows battletype [asslt, attk, meet, probe] followed by Size [Large, Med, Small, Tiny] and terrain [City, Forest, Hills, Open, Rough, Town] followed by whatever you like (i suspect)

so for a map that is a medium sized meeting engagement map in open terrain that you call "MilitaryMap_ME_open.btt" should actually be called "Meet Med Open MilitaryMap.btt" to make it work.



EDIT: actually after a quick check, you really only need the first part to pick it yourself, but still need the rest if you want the computer to pick it by itself, and its just a generally good guide for people when picking

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