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Operations broken ...

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Ok, now it's official. I've just finished the third op against a human opponent and no mater what happened in all three, the result was alwasy a total operational victory for one side. No second, third or forth day ... nothing, just the first day like a single battle.

BTS, what's wrong here ?


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Guest Madmatt

The problem would be that you posted absolutely ZERO usefull info to help us troubleshoot this!

I have played many operations and currently slugging it out with Kwazydog in our 6th battle of Team Desorby.

What Operations have you played?

At what point (turn #) did the battle end?

Did the Attacker reach the end of the Map?

What did the end of game Debrief say?

Provide that info above and maybe we can figure out why this happening. My guess is that you are playing a Advance Operation and the attackers forces are arriving at the end of the map which will trigger a win.

This has been tweaked somewhat in 1.03 to be more aware of the Defenders final position in determing end game status, but then this may not be your issue at all...



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Sigh ... not the first time i posted something about the ops being screwed up. Last time *was* with detail, yet i don't see anything about it on the board, nor do i remember any real interest in the problem.

The first operation i played was team Desobry. I was the german attacker. I attacked, lost ALL my armor and my scout cars, hell even the trucks bought it. I lost about 30 infantrymen in total also.

I wasn't able to penetrate at all into the city. I did't even get into one of the houses.

I killed a lot of my opponents tanks, but he still had two or three left (plus a scout car or two) and 99% of his infantry.

I got a total german operational victory after the time ran out.

This seemed strage to say the least. I lost most of my forces, all my armor, was basically kicked to hell and back, yet i still get a total operational victory?? What about day two? The reason we play ops is to be able to lose a lot of men and equipment and still have a chance to "fight another day".

Not wanting to give up on the oeprations we played another one. I don't know the name; it's the one where the americans have to relieve a hill and are moving up a single road with hedgerows everywhere.

I was germans and defending. I annihilated my enemy, and at the end he only had one sherman and an HT plus some infantry left. I took a good beating but still had most of my forces, including the pz4. I get a total operational victory. This would have been fine if it had been a total victory for the first battle, but again, what about the next battles? The amercans are attacking here ... don't they get another chance at attacking my lines? Did i miss the "you lose X amount of forces, and the op is over" line in the briefing?

We played one more op, the one i originally posted about here. It was the "punching a hole" op. I was germans defending. I killed most of his tanks, some HT's and scout cars. He got most of my bunkers and one panther. He broke though my lines, but i moved my second panther far into his rear area.

He gets a total american operational victory after the 15 minute battle. Why? That's nuts. What about all those re-inforements i should have gotten on day two. Where's the fun in quitting an operation like that?

Something seems broken with these operations. Or at the very least, the makers have to indicate that "if even one little piss ant scout car breaks through this invisible 'line', you will lose the WHOLE operation". You know, give us a little more info ...


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