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Resetting id/password


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Okay, call me a dolt, but for some reason everynow and again the forum loses my password and id causing me to have to manually post them each time I start.... I had this once before, and iirc you delete cookies on the preference page and turn around 3 times and spit, oh never mind, does anyone remember what we need to do for it to remember id/passwords?

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Dear dolt smile.gif

If you are using IE 5 or later, turn on AutoComplete under the tools/internet options menu. My username and password fields were blank when I started this post. I just hit T and autocomplete showed Tanks a Lot. After I selected that, the password filled in automatically. If you are using Netscape, then I feel like a dolt for writing all this.

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It does it to me as well. I find I have to enter my name and password the first post of every session.

I also cannot get the flags to tell me when a thread/topic has new posts.

I did go to the preferences tab and reset my cookies, but I have yet to see any evidence that this has helped.

You *do* have cookies enabled, I assume?

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