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CM:BO - A working fix for white text with anti-aliasing on

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This has been a headache for a while - playing Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord with antialiasing enabled on my Radeon 9700 caused all the text to be displayed yellow on white, making it impossible to read. Lots of other people have had the problem as well.

A year or so ago, I found a fix in which someone had changed the color of the background in the 3000x.bmp files, but I lost the link, so I opened up Photoshop and started working on the problem. I ended up with a fix that works almost perfectly - it creates a black box with white lettering (the previous fix used a green box that looked out of place). It is completely unobtrusive and fully readable in the interface.

Anyway, here is the file: Link. There is a readme included. I will leave the file where it is for as long as I have this bit of web space, but I can't guarantee that will be forever. If someone wants to mirror it somewhere more accessible, feel free.

If somebody needs to replicate it or apply it to other font sets, all I did was convert the files (30000.bmp, 30001.bmp, 30002.bmp) to RGB format, then changed the backgrounds to a very dark shade of green - so dark that it appears to be black to everything except the computer, which can still distinguish the letters as a shade darker. This causes it to display the letters as white on the (visually) black background.

Hope it helps someone!

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