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Gung-ho tankies

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Picture the situation.

My infantry have taken the first half of the village. I give orders to my armour to advance and take up positions on the flanks to give covering fire. I then move up my second infantry section tasked with moving through the positions of the first and continuing the advance.

As I am doing this, I hear a rumble. It is only my tanks, who without any orders being given them have left their covering positions and are now moving into the second half of the village without infantry support. Inevitably, two of them get immobilised, and a third is destroyed by a well placed and undetected anti-tank gun.

I know that historically the Cavalry have always been a gung-ho bunch, but isn't this taking things to extremes? I have tried issuing 'halt' commands and combined these with 'hold ground' orders, but it doesn't seem to have much effect for in about 10-15 seconds off they hare again.

Short of getting the crews to bail out of their vehicles, HOW DOES ONE GET TANKS TO STAY PUT?

Any answer on this would be welcomed as I am finding it almost impossible to coordinate my armour with my infantry:confused::confused:

Many thanks,


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