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I was playing a QB vs the AI. Holding the single victory flag, and not seeing any enemy markers except generic markers (ie nationality markers), I decided to get a little silly and use my two remaining vehicles to hunt for his remaining forces.

This being a night mission with fog, visibility was down to about 50m (or so it seemed to me anyway). Approaching some scattered trees, I tried targeting one of the mentioned markers, located appx 30m away. The targeting info read something like '78m Enemy Infantry?'. Hmm, I'm guessing this is the current distance to the unit (now unspotted) which the marker is meant to represent the last known location of. If so, then this seems to me to be a bug. If not I'd like an explanation of what's going on here.

Oh, almost forgot - v1.03, and yes I have got a save-game file if you're interested.

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