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European copy from US store

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I bought a what I believe is a European copy in Compusa a month or so back {not exactly sure on time}. I found out it had no campaign, so I put it on the shelf. I got it out last night and installed it. Read the FAQ on this board and discovered this to be a European copy illegally sold in a US store {WG instead of SS}.

I do not have the reciept, so I cannot take it back to the store, but I want a US copy. Can ya send me one?

Using my copy would be {slightly} off morally. Ignoring the moral implications, with a 56K modem, it would take 4+ hours to patch it. I spent 2 hours DLing the American patch last night.

At the present time, I do not have the funding to just purchase another copy {nor do I use credit cards or banks; I trust my gun safe}. I should not be required to purchase a new copy as I made no mistake in buying it from a reputable dealer.

Please Email me an equitable solution.

Thank You

Stephen E Hood


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It's not your fault that CompUSA carried the CDV European version by mistake. You should keep your copy wihout guilt. You will need to use the CDV European versions of the patches though, not the US patches.

As to the lack of campaign mode, no version of CMBB has a campaign mode, CMBB uses Operations which are linked battles.


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