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Getting vehicles across hills

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I like to dabble in making operations. I make the maps from original area maps. My most recent endeavour is an Adriatic coast pursuit: the Germans are falling back from the Ceasar line to the Gothic line, and the Brits (because we don't have Indian) try to overtake them. German delaying action goodness versus British armour-plated awesome.

The hills are posing a problem, however. They are sufficiently steep to bring the tanks and other vehicles to a complete stop. Making hairpin turns doesn't seem to alleviate the problem. I've traveled in the region, and I didn't find the hills such a problem IRL. Can I ameliorate the problem somehow? Does anyone have tips?

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Looks like your vertical scale is too fierce. Bear in mind that the Churchill was a bit special in that it could get to places impossible for other tanks - but this I do not believe is reflected in game. You may have to trade map accuracy to accomodate the game engine.

If you lower the height making "roads" out of rocky terrain through impassable may provide the speed retardation that might be appropriate. It may be interesting to see if the power to weight ratios pan out on hills : )

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