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How do you end a battle?


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Yes, but here's an example of my problem: I'm in the first American battle of the campaign (Beyond Faid Pass). It's late in the day, I've pretty much stalemated the German advance -- they have most of the town, but I have some of the Western edge -- and my forces are mostly dead/panicked. Nothing is really happening on either side. I manage to rally a squad's worth of stragglers, and I sneak them back into the town on a mission to creep up on and destroy the two German tanks in the town. But as soon as my soldiers get even close to the enemy positions or hear a shot fired, they start to panic until every last one of them melts away and flees for the rear. I've done this four or five times now, with different soldiers, all with the same result. My only other soldiers on the battlefield are permanently panicked and cowering inside houses, so I can't even issue orders to them. So, the battle won't end, yet I can't really do anything. The Germans seem too decimated/exhausted to attack or advance, either -- the scattered infantry in the town just takes potshots at my GIs from cover, but doesn't seem willing to attack. Of the two or three German tanks in the town, I all are still capable of shooting but I suspect two of the three are damaged enough that they can't move. I've got no air support left, no reinforcements, just a bunch of scared GIs.


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