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win xp, geforce4 black screen

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problem : everything installed correctly and start to load (i got to the screen in which i selected single player) then the next dialog box says "graphics loading" and you hear the background music loading and nothing else. it just stayed on the "graphics loading" black screen. I did hear a error bell in the background also so I did a alt-tab and sure as heck a error dialog was up saying showing some weird number range (memory maybe?)

i have all new hardware (asus, amd 1.2, leadtek geforce 4 ti 4400, xp pro) so i was really scratching my head for a bit.

solution : i right clicked on the cmbb icon and played with the settings until i saw the 256 colors selection which fixed the issue. i had my vid card set to 32bit colors which cmbb didnt like so i tried 16bit and 256 which both work.

sweet now i need to get some pbem going !!!

hope it helps

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