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Walls & Buildings

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I don't know if anyone has posted about this issue yet but I just noticed it a scenario I created and after seeing the problem I just did some actual testing to confirm my suspicion.

If there is a building and in the very next tile there is a wall, the door facing that wall will not be useable even if the wall is destroyed. I found this out when I blasted a section of wall with an MGS then sent my scouts in to the building, except they ran to the door on the side not facing the wall and were cut down in the open.

After some extra testing to find out the exact situation, it seems that there needs to be a space of at least a half tile between a wall tile and a building for a door on that side to work. So if you want a building along a wall either don't put a door on that side or make it a half or full tile away from the wall.

Just a friendly tip cuz I know it annoyed the hell out of me in my own scenario.

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