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BMP: cannon, mg and ATGM

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that BMPs now fire their ATGMs at strykers now. However, they also like to fire them at buildings, infantry and area targets. This means that not only do BMPs waste their limited missiles on improper targets, but they also tend to unbutton and expose themselves to small arms any time you want to give them a specific target. Target light doesn't cause this behavior, but it only uses the MG. Right now, there's no way to target the MG and cannon (which are mostly for soft targets and infantry) without wasting valuable missiles.

My suggestion is to switch the BMP cannon to the light target option, since those two weapons are more similar and used for the same operation more often than cannon and missile. Either that, or adjust the TacAI so that ATGMs aren't used so frivolously.

Sorry to complain about something that just got changed, but I think it still needs fine tuning.

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